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Jan 16

Michael Jordan once said – “The game has its ups and downs, but you can’t lose focus of your goals.”

 The success of any type of focus lies in being able to train your brain to memorize quickly and remember these items for long periods of time. But to do that we need to train our brains. We need to be able to focus on work, do better at school or stay sharp. Whatever the reason it’s important to boost brainpower all the time. The following are 8 apps that directly target mental health and increased cognitive functioning. Engaging in apps like these can minimize brain  and cognitive diseases or disorders such as Alzheimer’s and depression. Studies now show the keeping your mind active is just as important as physical exercise and these apps can help you stay mentally fit.


  1. Lumosity

This is a game app tailored towards improving memory, attention spans, problem-solving and processing speed. Users play against the clock and the game changes every time it’s played which keeps a user’s interest. Psychologists believe that just one session per day can improve your mental skills.

  1. CogniFit Brain Fitness

Need to remember things more easily? This is an app that improves your cognitive abilities such as concentration and memory. It offers addictive games that are designed by neuroscientists. The user can track progress and access information about his overall brain health. Additionally users can compete against each other or against the app, as it adapts the difficulty level you are accustomed to using.

  1. Personal Zen

A game that offers fun interaction with two animated characters; one who is friendly, and the other who is angry. Developed at Hunter College, this app helps reduce anxiety by training your brain to focus on the positive aspects of life and not on the negative. Developers suggest you use the app just before or during a stressful event for about 10 minutes a day.

  1. Brain Trainer Special

This is an app that contains games that help you memorize information and solve math problems.

  1. Brain Fitness Pro

This app offers memory training exercises that help you focus. It includes memory games and problem-solving skills that can keep you entertained for hours. Developers say that using this app increases attention and general cognitive skills.

  1. Happify

Research shows that there are some activities that help train the brain to be happier. Thus it can better cope with stress and negative thoughts. This app is built upon the research and uses the fundamentals of positive psychology. It focuses on the strengths and virtues that make a fulfilling life.

  1. Positive Activity Jackpot

Originally this app was developed for the military, specifically for members returning from combat and who suffered from posttraumatic stress. The app uses augmented reality and the smartphone’s GPS to find activities that interest someone coping with depression.

  1. Eidetic

An app that uses a special technique called space repetition to help memorize anything from important phone numbers to interesting words or facts.


written by mangoorange

Jan 14

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we can communicate, work and play. They allow us to do many of our daily activities on the move where before we needed to be in a particular place to participate. However, out-of-the-box smartphones are somewhat lacking as they don’t usually have the apps that make owning a smartphone fun. Here are a few essential apps that are often absent, which you should probably download from the app store. Instead, fabricators often place adware or apps that cost money and which aren’t that functional. So we’ve done our research and drawn up a list of selected apps that fill those functionality needs.

For the Media Lover

Music and video are often use on phones, but you really want to be able to customize this feature to listen to the music and media you want. Basically you want the official YouTube app to view videos, but another essential video app may also be Netflix. This is the video software that gives you access to thousands of films at a price of under $10 per month and with a constantly changing list of movies it’s certainly an app worth thinking about, especially if you do a lot of car traveling.


Audio Apps

When thinking about audio, you’ll also want a good music player and Poweramp music player makes a wonderful application to your smartphone. This app makes it easy to play, organize and customize your music to your requirements. The app offers a free one week trial, afte which there is a $15 charge.

If podcasts are your thing, then consider adding Pocket Casts. This has a cool interface that makes it easy to locate and download your content.


Smartphones are wonderful for going social, so you’ll want to add to Facebook and twitter apps. But if you’re looking for social action for the kids, you might also think of adding Snapchat. For families who have friends and family members in different locations of the world, Whatsapp messenger also works very well. This replaces SMS messaging with a web service and it doesn’t bring international charges to your phone.


A smartphone requires that organize and manage email well. Google stock email application does well, but if you’re like me and receive lots of email messages, you’ll want an app that does a better job of organizing your communications. K-9 Mail offers a lot of versatility and supports IMAP and push mail. It allows you to sync your mailing multi-folders, fly, file, and signatures, and even save email to your SD card.


Most phones have a good keyboard on them, but older users can be frustrated by the inability to touch a key fast enough. SwiftKey is an amazing keyboard app that works on whatever size device you’re using. It’s amazing feature comes from the ability to learn from your actions. It can predict the word you want to use and when to use them; making your chatting go much faster. This is an especially useful feature for those of us who are not used to typing.

written by mangoorange

Jan 12

Kids take to iPad apps like ducks take to water. Somehow iPads are so intuitive and simple that the devices just invite kids to touch the screen, without even needing to be shown how. That’s great but finding the right apps for kids can be a bit of an issue. The problem is that the App Store is so full of different apps that it can be difficult to find the best apps for kids, and the guys at Apple just don’t classify the kids apps according to age well. For example, the lowest age rating for Apple is 4+, but there are many apps that can be used by children as young as one or two. It’s just a matter of reading a few reviews and trying them out. Just be sure to add a safe rubber case to the iPad, ju1st in case it’s dropped by those little hands.

When choosing apps for kids you need to make sure that they are age-appropriate, educational and something they will enjoy reading or playing. To help you along we’ve come up with the 10 best iPad apps for kids.


  1. Toy Story Three Read along

Like many other iPad apps, this is an interactive storybook, however it is the perfect size to make a great bedtime story. There are a few modes you can use this book. You can read along with your children, or they can navigate and read it to you. The app can read the story to you or you can record your own voice while reading the book. The plot follows along with the film very closely. After reading your children enjoy playing some of the interactive games or looking at the beautiful illustrations of each page. This app is appropriate for children as young as one or two.

2. Ace Writer.

This is ideal for children who are learning to write letters, and it presents the opportunity for them to trace a letter with their fingers over the screen. It has several spelling games that give your child a chance to learn. An app designed for Pre-K and toddler kids.

3. Kid Art For iPad

This is an inexpensive drawing app that lets children choose the type of crayon, color or paintbrush to use over pre-drawn back grounds. They can also choose several cartoon animals and object stamps anywhere on the picture. Kids as young as one or two can start on this app.

4. Kids Song Machine

This is a great set of classic nursery rhymes and a sing-along. Here you’ll find old McDonald, Railroad Row your boat and itsy-bitsy spider. Children will be fascinated with the gorgeous graphics and great interaction. Every kid up to Kindergarten age loves nursery rhymes.

5. Smurfs’ Village

A great farming game that doesn’t rely on shooting were on quick reaction. In some cases there are additional in app purchases, but overall it is a fun game for young children. The game centers around growing crops, earning money and buying things to upgrade the village. This is probably an app that is appropriate for kids above the age of 4 and up to about 7.

written by mangoorange

Jan 10

The new year is here and it’s time to start thinking of goals and objectives. At the beginning of a new year, it’s normal for most of us to set up a new goal or objective. Unfortunately these good intentions remain just that – good intentions. We never really focus on getting any of them completed. Now is the time to really think about the goals you want to accomplish this year. But unlike other years, you’ll now have the tech help you need to reach those goals. Here are five apps to help you meet your goals, whether it’s to lose weight, exercise more or be more financially independent.


Budget Smarter

A primary goal many of us have is to learn to budget and save money, but most people end up thinking this almost an impossible goal. But it’s not, especially if we have a nifty little app that shows us where we spend money and how we can save here and there; giving us a way to meet our financial goals.

Mint Bills is an app that will help you know where your money goes every month. This can be an eye-opening experience but it needed one to make better budget decisions. The free app make sure you pay your bills on time but also monitor your bank accounts and credit cards make sure you’re always know how much money you actually have to spend.

Be The Best You Can Be

Do you need to quit smoking, lose weight, or learn to complement people, then try Lift. Track your progress, get community support, all for just $14.99


Most people are determined to lose weight at the beginning of the year, and that means exercising. Try Workout Trainer for exercises with audio photos and video instructions. It allows you to create your own custom workout.

If this doesn’t fit your needs and you just don’t have time to work out, try an app thats called the seven Minute Workout. This offers 12 exercises that you can do in 30 seconds with 10 second breaks in between. All you need is a chair and the wall.


When we talk about diet we aren’t referring to  the latest fad diet, but about eating better and keeping track of your daily nutrition. Download the app, Nutrition Data and find out the nutritious information about the ingredients, quantities and calories of any recipe. You can also find detailed data on calories, fat, protein and vitamins for thousands of common foods.

Find a New Job

Need a new job this year then check out Indeed, a popular job search engine that gives you access to thousands of open jobs that you can filter by location salary.

Clean Out Your Closet

A wonderful new app called Poshmark can help you get rid of some of those clothes. This app offers an easy way to sell clothes you don’t wear. The app connects with fashion conscious buyers who want something new. Just take a photo and share it with the community. Make some money and start an early spring cleaning.

written by mangoorange

Jan 08

There are a lot of apps out there but you don’t really want to download all of them on your phone. This can prove to be a problem. Too many apps will load down your smartphone memory and cause it to slow down or stop functioning the way it should.  So instead you want to review the different apps available and choose those that are definitely worth getting. To help with your task, we’ve put together a list of five apps that we think deserve a special place on any android or iPhone. This list goes beyond that of “whatsapp or Facebook,” as we assume you already have these basic apps.

  1. Sunrise

This app takes you beyond the traditional calendars found on your phone which are passable but not astounding. Sunrise offers great design, easy focus and integrates well with other apps, bringing all of your tasks and events together in one place. It is available for both iOS and android phones.

  1. Duolingo

You always need an opportunity to learn something new and Duolingo offers just that. This app may not make you fluent in the language but it will help you grasp a few new words in the language of choice. It offers many games that only take a few minutes to complete and is a very accessible way of learning a language. This app is also a vial of all on iOS and android devices.

  1. Wolfram Alpha

An app that offers a great way of impressing your friends. It answers almost any question, but is especially good at those that deal with statistics or mathematical data.

  1. Swype

Texting can often be a problem, especially for older users. With the Swype keyboard you can speed up your texting. This offers a comprehensive auto-complete and auto dictionary that lets you write texts faster. Over time its ability to provide suggestions improves, which customizes it to your needs.

  1. Yahoo Weather App

We may laugh at the Yahoo email and search engine, but no one denies that the Yahoo weather app is pretty. It takes photos from Flickr and highlights the weather over the image. It’s a very effective design.

  1. Ping

This is not the just an app that adds a bit of fun every day. It sends random quotes  on a number of topics. It does keep you abreast of what the current trends are. The downside of this average is only available on iOS.

  1. Word Lens

A free app that translates words using pictures you take with your phone camera.

  1. Headspace

This is an app that gives you peace of mind and offers relaxation and meditation services for those who are just beginning.

  1. Google Maps

Nothing beats Google maps when you are trying to find an unfamiliar address, city, community or location. Google has one of the most comprehensive map systems out there. It is available for iOS, android and Windows phones.

  1. Foursquare

Now a recommendation app for different locations and businesses, foursquare has become a necessity when looking for local reviews.

written by mangoorange