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Kids take to iPad apps like ducks take to water. Somehow iPads are so intuitive and simple that the devices just invite kids to touch the screen, without even needing to be shown how. That’s great but finding the right apps for kids can be a bit of an issue. The problem is that the App Store is so full of different apps that it can be difficult to find the best apps for kids, and the guys at Apple just don’t classify the kids apps according to age well. For example, the lowest age rating for Apple is 4+, but there are many apps that can be used by children as young as one or two. It’s just a matter of reading a few reviews and trying them out. Just be sure to add a safe rubber case to the iPad, ju1st in case it’s dropped by those little hands.

When choosing apps for kids you need to make sure that they are age-appropriate, educational and something they will enjoy reading or playing. To help you along we’ve come up with the 10 best iPad apps for kids.


  1. Toy Story Three Read along

Like many other iPad apps, this is an interactive storybook, however it is the perfect size to make a great bedtime story. There are a few modes you can use this book. You can read along with your children, or they can navigate and read it to you. The app can read the story to you or you can record your own voice while reading the book. The plot follows along with the film very closely. After reading your children enjoy playing some of the interactive games or looking at the beautiful illustrations of each page. This app is appropriate for children as young as one or two.

2. Ace Writer.

This is ideal for children who are learning to write letters, and it presents the opportunity for them to trace a letter with their fingers over the screen. It has several spelling games that give your child a chance to learn. An app designed for Pre-K and toddler kids.

3. Kid Art For iPad

This is an inexpensive drawing app that lets children choose the type of crayon, color or paintbrush to use over pre-drawn back grounds. They can also choose several cartoon animals and object stamps anywhere on the picture. Kids as young as one or two can start on this app.

4. Kids Song Machine

This is a great set of classic nursery rhymes and a sing-along. Here you’ll find old McDonald, Railroad Row your boat and itsy-bitsy spider. Children will be fascinated with the gorgeous graphics and great interaction. Every kid up to Kindergarten age loves nursery rhymes.

5. Smurfs’ Village

A great farming game that doesn’t rely on shooting were on quick reaction. In some cases there are additional in app purchases, but overall it is a fun game for young children. The game centers around growing crops, earning money and buying things to upgrade the village. This is probably an app that is appropriate for kids above the age of 4 and up to about 7.

written by mangoorange

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