Jan 10

The new year is here and it’s time to start thinking of goals and objectives. At the beginning of a new year, it’s normal for most of us to set up a new goal or objective. Unfortunately these good intentions remain just that – good intentions. We never really focus on getting any of them completed. Now is the time to really think about the goals you want to accomplish this year. But unlike other years, you’ll now have the tech help you need to reach those goals. Here are five apps to help you meet your goals, whether it’s to lose weight, exercise more or be more financially independent.


Budget Smarter

A primary goal many of us have is to learn to budget and save money, but most people end up thinking this almost an impossible goal. But it’s not, especially if we have a nifty little app that shows us where we spend money and how we can save here and there; giving us a way to meet our financial goals.

Mint Bills is an app that will help you know where your money goes every month. This can be an eye-opening experience but it needed one to make better budget decisions. The free app make sure you pay your bills on time but also monitor your bank accounts and credit cards make sure you’re always know how much money you actually have to spend.

Be The Best You Can Be

Do you need to quit smoking, lose weight, or learn to complement people, then try Lift. Track your progress, get community support, all for just $14.99


Most people are determined to lose weight at the beginning of the year, and that means exercising. Try Workout Trainer for exercises with audio photos and video instructions. It allows you to create your own custom workout.

If this doesn’t fit your needs and you just don’t have time to work out, try an app thats called the seven Minute Workout. This offers 12 exercises that you can do in 30 seconds with 10 second breaks in between. All you need is a chair and the wall.


When we talk about diet we aren’t referring to  the latest fad diet, but about eating better and keeping track of your daily nutrition. Download the app, Nutrition Data and find out the nutritious information about the ingredients, quantities and calories of any recipe. You can also find detailed data on calories, fat, protein and vitamins for thousands of common foods.

Find a New Job

Need a new job this year then check out Indeed, a popular job search engine that gives you access to thousands of open jobs that you can filter by location salary.

Clean Out Your Closet

A wonderful new app called Poshmark can help you get rid of some of those clothes. This app offers an easy way to sell clothes you don’t wear. The app connects with fashion conscious buyers who want something new. Just take a photo and share it with the community. Make some money and start an early spring cleaning.

written by mangoorange

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