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There are a lot of apps out there but you don’t really want to download all of them on your phone. This can prove to be a problem. Too many apps will load down your smartphone memory and cause it to slow down or stop functioning the way it should.  So instead you want to review the different apps available and choose those that are definitely worth getting. To help with your task, we’ve put together a list of five apps that we think deserve a special place on any android or iPhone. This list goes beyond that of “whatsapp or Facebook,” as we assume you already have these basic apps.

  1. Sunrise

This app takes you beyond the traditional calendars found on your phone which are passable but not astounding. Sunrise offers great design, easy focus and integrates well with other apps, bringing all of your tasks and events together in one place. It is available for both iOS and android phones.

  1. Duolingo

You always need an opportunity to learn something new and Duolingo offers just that. This app may not make you fluent in the language but it will help you grasp a few new words in the language of choice. It offers many games that only take a few minutes to complete and is a very accessible way of learning a language. This app is also a vial of all on iOS and android devices.

  1. Wolfram Alpha

An app that offers a great way of impressing your friends. It answers almost any question, but is especially good at those that deal with statistics or mathematical data.

  1. Swype

Texting can often be a problem, especially for older users. With the Swype keyboard you can speed up your texting. This offers a comprehensive auto-complete and auto dictionary that lets you write texts faster. Over time its ability to provide suggestions improves, which customizes it to your needs.

  1. Yahoo Weather App

We may laugh at the Yahoo email and search engine, but no one denies that the Yahoo weather app is pretty. It takes photos from Flickr and highlights the weather over the image. It’s a very effective design.

  1. Ping

This is not the just an app that adds a bit of fun every day. It sends random quotes  on a number of topics. It does keep you abreast of what the current trends are. The downside of this average is only available on iOS.

  1. Word Lens

A free app that translates words using pictures you take with your phone camera.

  1. Headspace

This is an app that gives you peace of mind and offers relaxation and meditation services for those who are just beginning.

  1. Google Maps

Nothing beats Google maps when you are trying to find an unfamiliar address, city, community or location. Google has one of the most comprehensive map systems out there. It is available for iOS, android and Windows phones.

  1. Foursquare

Now a recommendation app for different locations and businesses, foursquare has become a necessity when looking for local reviews.

written by mangoorange

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