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At a glance, the iPad looks like a handy device, meant to give us yet another option of entertainment, among the zillions already available. It’s the lovechild of a mini-laptop and a phone – a successful one, I might add, since it’s everybody’s must-have item. Even entrepreneurs are seen carrying one around in their bag and rightly so, because it’s so much more than a fun gadget – it’s a sleek, compact and modern agenda. You would be surprised to see just how useful an iPad is; it’s not just a complementary business device, but actually a fundamental one. If you make good use of the apps available, it can offer you a great deal of help to run your business smoothly. In order to turn your business into a resounding success without breaking a sweat, here is a list of 10 apps that every entrepreneur needs to have installed.

1) Skype


It almost feels redundant to say just how many entrepreneurs rely on such an application, which is still the reigning champ of VoIP. It’s the program to go for video conferences and calls, allowing you to connect easily and fast with potential clients who are miles apart. If used with QuickVoice, it also enables the option to record your calls, just in case you want to go once more through the topics discussed or write down the important info you missed. Signing up is free and you can call not just other Skype users, but also mobile phones, in exchange of a small rate per minute.

2) Dragon Dictation


Time is everything in the business world. Every lost minute could also be the equivalent of lost money. This is the reason why entrepreneurs strive to perform even the most mundane tasks in a speedy manner. Believe it or not, one of these tasks is keyboard typing. Even for those accustomed with typing at an impressive velocity, it can eventually become tiring and the pace will decrease after a few hours. To avoid this, you just need to let an app do the job for you, while all you have to do is talk. Dragon Dictation is one of the best voice recognition apps out there, allowing you to speak and immediately see the words appearing on screen. Its accuracy makes the dictation up to five times faster than the typing through a keyboard, which saves you a lot of time.

3) Todo for iPad


Every entrepreneur needs a good task manager, to get his priorities straight. Sure, his secretary can have everything written down in the agenda, but why waste paper, if you can have your tasks placed in order, at a glance, through your iPad screen? With Todo for iPad, you can also synchronize your work planner with any other Apple device, in case you need to have it available on several ones or share it with your partners. More synchronizing options include the widespread Dropbox and Outlook, making it the perfect tool to never miss an important date or an appointment anymore.

4) 1Password


There is nothing more important than the security of your data. Passwords are mandatory in every business, because not only do you risk losing precious information without them, but your data can also land in the wrong hands, if they are not secured accordingly. However, it can become overwhelming to manage multiple accounts, each featuring a different password – writing them down somewhere is a definitive no-go. An app called 1Password comes to the rescue, keeping all your synced passwords saved on your iPad, so that you don’t have to scratch your head trying to remember which password is for what.

5) Hootsuite


Social networking is a key ingredient to running a successful business. People spend large amounts of time Tweeting and Facebooking and if entrepreneurs know how to play their cards, they can get to their target audiences in style. Business is all about marketing and both Facebook and Twitter are extremely popular platforms which are an entrepreneur’s playground, allowing him to use exciting ways to promote what he has to sell. However, it’s tiresome to manage Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles by navigating to the specific websites. This is where Hootsuite comes into play, since this app allows you to keep and manage all your accounts in a single window, without the need to switch between tabs. 

6) TripIt


In their pursuit of achieving connections, entrepreneurs are always on the move, flying from one country to another to meet with clients. Flying frequently is quite burdensome – just imagine: luggage, customs, check-ins, bookings – but someone has to do the job. However, even for this, there is an app to guide you. Through the TripIt app, you can get quick access to all your travel itineraries right on the screen of your iPad, check and add a preferred seat on the plane, as well as fill out the forms and check your stopping travel points, so that you always know which destination is supposed to come next.

7) Numbers


Spreadsheets are a nice and convenient way to make your conferences more engaging, since you get your point across in a concise manner through presentations. But what if you need to create quick sheets and don’t have time to go through the PowerPoint software? An app called Numbers not only helps you reduce the creation time, but it also makes it a fun activity, since it’s specifically built for mobile phones; therefore, it’s extremely easy to use. You can draw tables, graphics, charts and add photos with the touch of a finger. Since Numbers is compatible with iCloud, you can sync your spreadsheets on every device you use, exploring your results.

8) Word Lens


As an entrepreneur, your mission is to expand your business as much as you can and the best way to do it is to focus on what’s appealing on international markets. But following the worldwide trends can prove to be a difficult task if you can’t speak or understand the respective language. Word Lens comes to the rescue, being an on-the-fly translation software. It works by pointing the iPad’s camera at anything that has text written on, like a document or a menu. It automatically translates the text, but it also allows you to input it manually and the best part is that you don’t have to worry that your internet connection might drop, since the app works offline. Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Russian are the language packs you can use.

9) Penultimate


Don’t you hate it when your light bulb suddenly turns on and you have an amazing idea, but no paper to write it on? With so many things an entrepreneur has to think of, such ideas come and go if they are not pinned down right when they pop up. However, an app called Penultimate lets you go wild on your iPad, allowing you to take notes and create sketches spread out on an infinite number of pages. If you are making a hobby out of this, it helps to know that the app keeps all the pages organized and you can scroll through them fast, no matter how many they are. Penultimate is the best alternative to the classical pen and paper.

10) FTP On The Go PRO


Websites are like business cards you can access at any time; therefore, they have to be as presentable as possible, because the more aesthetically pleasing they are, the more likely is it for the visitors to stay more on the page. To manage and edit your website at any time, including HTML, PHP and CSS, you can install an app called FTP On The Go PRO which does just that. Documents and image viewing is also enabled, giving you full control. This is important especially if your company is constantly changing and expanding, since these changes would have to be highlighted on the website, bringing it up to date.

written by mangoorange

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