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If you want to bring home some of that surround-sound of your favorite cinema, but without the scrunching noise of your seat neighbor’s popcorn, then home cinema systems are the way to go. Making you feel like you’re part of the action, the best home cinema systems fully deliver on sound quality, with crisp dialogue and effects. Keep reading if you want to find out which are the cream of the crop.                                                   

1) Philips Blu-ray Home Theater System HTS3306/F7 


You don’t see very often a Home Cinema System that has its own integrated Blu-ray player, since most systems prefer to focus mainly on the audio part. However, the Philips Blu-ray Home Theater System HTS3306/F7 seems to have concentrated on everything, because its 5.1-channel surround-sound, image quality and connectivity are close to perfection. Through its 1080p upconversion technology, SD images are scaled to fit on an HD screen; to avoid any kind of distortion caused by the conversion, the Philips Blu-ray Home Theater System HTS3306/F7 will correct that through progressive scan technology. The only minus we were able to find was the presence of just one HDMI port, strangely positioned in the back of the device, but the system has so many things in its favor, that it feels like nitpicking.

2) Samsung Smart Home Theater HT-D6730W


Another Home Theater with integrated Blu-ray player, the Samsung Smart Home Theater HT-D6730W is similar to the earlier-mentioned Philips model, in the sense that it’s not compromising anything. It also employs the same 1080p upconversion technology, to ensure that the SD video fits on the HD screen. It has the ability to display 3D images and video and the twin tower-like speakers truly transform the mere activity of watching movies into a cinematic experience.

3) Sony 3D Blu-ray Home Theater BDV-E280


It has a 3D Blu-ray player incorporated, 5.1 channels of surround sound and access to internet-streaming videos, from websites like Netflix, Hulu or Youtube. The system’s speakers feature a subwoofer, two speakers in the front and a speaker in the center, with a power of more than 1000 watts, which can seriously annoy your neighbors if you feel one day like going all in. As for the connectivity, apart from the basic ports, you can also connect your iOS-running device to it.

4) LG Home Theater LHB336


While this LG Home Theater has integrated Blu-ray, it puts a lot of emphasis on digital connectivity, since a multitude of streaming services (Netflix, Pandora, Youtube, CinemaNow, Hulu, etc.) are included into its AV receiver. Basically, you can take it out of the box and start streaming movies right away. The speakers still use the 5.1-channel standard, instead of the newer 7.1, but that’s not an issue, since there are barely any movies employing all the channels.

5) Magnavox Blu-ray Home Cinema MRD410B


This is yet another case of “everything you need is in the box”, since the Magnavox Home Cinema has an integrated Blu-ray player. While it’s not such a recognizable name as the other ones on the list, there is only one issue putting it behind the rest: lack of Internet, WiFi or Bluetooth connection. With Magnavox, you have to rely on your own movies or music, since you can’t stream anything else. The included features work like a charm (the surround sound is particularly impressive) – it’s what is not included that hurts its score.

written by mangoorange

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