Dec 25

Have you ever thought of all the ways you can use your iPad. Most people don’t even realize everything you can do with this device. So here are 10 creative ways to use your tablet.


  1. Sound System

A tablet is a great place to store all of your music. In fact, most of us use it for our tunes while on a trip or vacation; and though an iPod is probably more flexible when it comes to travel, the tablet has several functions, just one of which is as a music player. You just have to hit the play button on the music app and you’re set to go.

  1. Photo Album

Today most tablets have incredible functionality when it comes to taking pics. The quality may not be of the standard of the DSLR camera but it is certainly close. Plus you get the added benefit of keeping all your pictures in one place.

  1. Cool Productivity Tool

Try downloading apps that make you more productive throughout the day. There are a ton of project management apps and time management software or agendas that can help you keep track of everything from your groceries to your appointments.

  1. As a Text Book

New e-Textbooks are coming out, and textbooks are now becoming obsolete. Colleges and universities are demanding digital versions because they are less expensive and can go anywhere.


  1. Note Taker

You can also use a tablet as a convenient notepad. Just imagine it as your notebook, one that you can go mobile with from anywhere. And note taking software now lets you use dictation and then converts it to text which makes using it in this way even more convenient.

  1. Kid’s Entertainment

When driving or waiting in the car, kids can get fidgety. But hand them the tablet preloaded with an educational game, a digital book or an artistic activity and they are happy as could be.

  1. A Coffee Table Book

That’s right the new modern doctor’s office, or any other consulting office for that matter, offers tablets to customers instead of the conventional coffee table book.


  1. Cook Book

Now more than ever, there are a ton of cook books online. Tablets are great for reading and following recipes, copying shopping lists and taking to the grocery store.

  1. Sales Presentations

Enterprises and small businesses have found tablets to be a great sales aid. These can help engage future clients through presentations. And sales agents can close deals more easily because customers can actually see how a product works.

  1. An Artists Tool

Artists find using a tablet extremely functional, because it offers a way of jotting down ideas, sketching out images, and even mapping out a design. There are actually a number of apps that help you with artistic inclinations.

written by mangoorange

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