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Teachers now know that integrating a game into the classroom is a wonderful way to get students to retain knowledge, providing the game relates to the information being taught. Game based activities make learning fun, but it can be difficult for teachers and parents to find just the right game or actifity. That’s why we’ve curated the bet game resources for you.

  1. ClassDojo is a program that can help you get started in using gamification in the classroom at a high school level. This helps teachers get the participation of students and manage their behavior as well as the communication with parents.1
  2. The World Peace Game by GLOBArt. This is a political science simulations that pits student led countries against one another. Students develop their imagination and thinking skills when trying to bring peace to their countries.
  3. Mojangs Minecraft. A popular game of itself but it also has educational connotations.
  4. FlipQuiz, Socrative and Kahoot are all similar. These are quiz like games that you can integrate into your classroom.
  5. is an interactive site that allows kids to practice their math skills. They can then monitor the progress of eacy other according to the levels they achieve.
  6. Google Maps works wonderfully for geography and for learning about different cities and cultures. This paired with a penpal program can help identify where other students live. It can also be a great aid in the language learning classroom.2
  7. BrainPoP Featured Movie offers more than 750 science, math English, Engineering and Arts subjects in film. These are short videos and films that students and teachers can enjoy on any device.
  8. Best Books for Tweens is an app that gives you information about top rated books for the fifth and sixth grade reading level. You can add book to a wish list and even mail out your reading list to friends and family. A great way to give a gift hint.
  9. Pocket Body Lite is a fun science educational app. It offers the full body in nine layers including the musculoskeletal, neurovascular and internal organ view. There are more than 70,000 terms and their meaning that relate to the human body.3
  10. Video Science is a library of 80 hands-on Science lessons for parents to use at home or teachers in the classroom. These short videos show easy experiments that inspire kids of all ages.

There are also many other thinking games, crossword puzzles, word games that teachers can use or make using simple online software. Even kids like finding or making the right games, and now with easy app design software children can even learn the math and programming that goes on behind an educational game.

written by mangoorange

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