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Okay so parents aren’t necessarily the most savvy techs in the world. But they could certainly do with a few apps. These could make life much easier, so here is a millennial’s take on what apps would be great for parents to make use of.


  1. Vine

This is an app that allows parents to make videos from their iPhone and share them instantly with friends and family.  But don’t worry friends. You don’t have to sit through hours of video scenes. This app captures only seven seconds of the highlights and then lets you post these to your social media profiles.  This is an app that lets you create a whole album of family videos.

  1. Groupme

A great app which allows for group chats about certain subjects. This allows you to keep track of what you are talking about to each family member. So you want to chat about an upcoming concert with your sisters, put that in one group; but a chat will your mom and your aunt about a surprise birthday party can go in another category.

  1. Instagram

Parents your kids are not on Facebook any longer, they’ve moved to Instagram because you don’t need to upload thousands of pictures of one subject matter, and Instagram just lets you put up one picture at a time.  You can also add 15 second videos here.


  1. Snapchat

Parents should jump onto snapchat as it’slost of fun. You can send silly photos that delete after 10 seconds. This is a great way to keep track of kids on their iPhones.

  1. Foursquare

This is an app you can’t do without. It helps you keep trackof your kids using the built in GPS. You know where they are and parents can even get an automatic phone call telling mom that they have arrived.


  1. Songza

Wow an app that organizes your music into playlists for different days of the weeks, the weather, your activity, the season or any other preference.

  1. Optimum

Control your TV from your cell phone. No more looking for the remote, fighting the  kids over where it went. Each member can control the TV from his or her phone through this app.

  1. Venmo

Pay for services and bills by using venmo. For parents this is a great app because it offers a fabulous way of sending money to your kids.

  1. Nike Training

A personal trainer on your smartphone. This app offers more than 100 custom built workouts you can share with your kids. Add a workout to your playlist to motivate you while you train.

  1. Remember the Milk

This is a great list app that helps you remember the stuff you need to do. This helps you manage your household, take care of the kids and keep track of the things you have to do.

written by mangoorange

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