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We are facing difficult times where everyone tries to make a living and earn as much money as possible doing as little as possible. Paid-to-click websites do fulfill the “as little as possible” part; as for earning a lot of money, let’s just say that the winnings wouldn’t make anyone quit their day job. But there are millions of people going through ad clicks every day, just to get a boost on their income. The concept of being paid just for clicking sounds fascinating and fun enough to come up with a list of the best (and legit) operating paid-to-click websites.

1) Clixsense


Clixsense started out in 2007 and it has been making a name for itself ever since. It has more than 1.500.000 members and the payouts also surpass the 1 million $ mark. One of the reasons this PTC website is so popular is that there are no limitations for direct referrals, meaning you can earn a lot just by having friends signing up. There are two types of membership: free and premium. While being a free member gives you a maximum of $0.02 per ad click and a minimum of 10 ads per day, the premium membership gives you up to $0.008 per click from your referrals. There are several types of ads provided by Clixsense and the payout depends on their length, which can be anywhere between 3 and 60 seconds. Cashout can be done through PayPal, AlertPay or check, for amounts over $10. A free membership gives you $2.00 for referrals upgrading to premium. A premium account gives you the same amount, plus $1.00 for every referral upgrade through up to seven tiers.

2) Neobux


Neobux started out in 2008 and it quickly established itself as one of the most reliable paid-to-click websites, especially thanks to the payments which are processed on-the-fly, though PayPal or Alertpay. The standard membership gives you $0.010 per click for the 30-second ads, while the 1-minute ones bring $0.015. The referral clicks bring the same amount of money. The golden membership slightly improves the rate for the 1-minute ads, bringing it to $0.020. Regarding the payout, it starts with $2.00, but increases with every request, until it reaches $10.00. Earning money from your referrals requires you to click on ads at least 4 times during the day, which is easy enough to achieve.A forum is also available for those who have various issues or want to share their winnings.

3) BuxP

3 is another oldie, functioning since 2008, which is an asset when it comes to PTC websites, since in most cases, the more they’ve been around, the more trustworthy they are, since scamming websites usually don’t last for long. As expected, there are two kinds of memberships: free and premium, which costs $39.99/year. Paying to earn might not sound like music to your ears, but there is a big difference between what you can earn as a free member and as a premium one. With free membership, you can earn $0.005 per click, while with a premium membership, the rate per click is up to $0.01.  In terms of referral clicks, it’s $0.0025 vs. $0.005, once again a clear difference. Referrals are unlimited and if you can’t bring them yourself, you can also buy them from buxp. Also, if you are able to find advertisers for the website, expect a 7.5% commission. The number of ads you receive during the day is up to 20 for a free user and over 25 for a premium one. A slight disadvantage comes with the payout, since free users have to wait 45 days to cash in.

written by mangoorange

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