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Tracking your fitness goals or monitoring your diet has never been easier thanks to the multitude of apps available for your smartphone. Having dedicated apps installed is an idea that works, because the smartphone is so omnipresent in your life, that you will have that constant reminder to stay motivated and in shape. Fitness apps can help you no matter if you are trying to lose some pounds, perform a workout right in your own living room or simply walk more during the course of the day and we’ve compiled a list with our personal favorites.

1) Cyclemeter


If your smartphone runs on iOS and you are a bicycle enthusiast who wants to keep track of his pedaling, then you’re in luck. Cyclemeter is probably one of the best bicycle-ride tracking apps around. It collects tons of data, storing unlimited workouts, stats, maps, graphs and summarizations of statistics, just to name a few. Despite its name, it also tracks several other activities, like running or walking.  

2) FitStar


Tony Gonzalez, retired NFL player, guides you through the workouts of this app available for iOS. The free version has basic workouts available, while the premium one has them tailored according to your needs, with programs such as “Get lean” or “Get strong”. You won’t need any equipment to perform them, meaning you can use the app even at home. To ensure that you can handle the intensity level, the app will initially run you through a fitness test you can complete at your own pace.

3) Moves


This free app available for Android and iOS records your motion through GPS (which eats up a lot of your battery though!) – its asset is that it manages to distinguish between activities like bicycling or running all by itself, without needing any configuration; it can even determine whether or not you’re in a moving vehicle stuck in traffic. Adding to all this the pleasing interface and ‘Moves’ is a must-have app for all the fitness enthusiasts.

4) MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal is an app available on all platforms, including Web and it’s one of the most efficient calorie counter apps around. Not only does it feature a comprehensive database of foods and drinks with their corresponding calories and percentage of fat, proteins and carbs, but you can also create a diary, adding fitness activities or create weight loss goals.

5) The Walk


If you are not the type who likes to break a sweat by running, but you consider walking to be a mundane activity, The Walk (available on Android and iOS) is an app willing to spice things up for you. Through audio storytelling and various exciting missions, chances are you will get immersed in it and feel more motivated to burn a few calories.

written by mangoorange

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