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Everybody wants to take a bite of the Internet fame cake and there is no better way to achieve it by doing something crazy while filming it with an action camera. Action cameras take the old saying “Pics or it didn’t happen!” to the next level. Now, it’s only about filming filming filming, whether it’s a crazy stunt like jumping out of a plane with a parachute or simply doing stunts with your bicycle. There are tons of action cameras on the market, enough to make your head spin by trying to differentiate between the models. This is where we come in, giving you a helpful hand with this “Best of” list.

1) Sony Action Cam Mini


We could have started with the obvious choice, but we’re going with the Sony Action Cam Mini instead. Sacrificing the camera controls and the battery life for a compacter look, the Sony Action Cam Mini is probably GoPro’s most formidable competitor. The image quality while not out of this world, is still incredibly high for its price and the videos are crisp and gorgeous-looking, but the fine-tuning which requires either a Wi-Fi remote control or a phone app might be a turn off for some. While it’s not compatible with tons of accessories either, at nearly half the price of GoPro Hero +4 Black, it’s a bargain.

2) JVC Adixxion GC-XA2


If you can see past its ridiculous name which looks like a bad case of the typos, the JVC Adixxion is a gem. Sure, it might not appear at the top of the lists, but it’s bound to crack the top 3 in many cases. Colors are well-balanced, the detail has a crazy amount and it performs well even in low-light conditions. The audio quality it produces is noteworthy as well; after all, what’s the point of shooting a nice-looking video, if the sound distracts you from the viewing? The occasional issues do appear though when shooting in windy conditions and the dynamic range could be improved. But speaking of nice-looking, it can shoot at both 1080p and 720p and the field of view is at 160 degrees, storing the date on a full-sized SD card, instead of the more widespread microSD. As for the battery, it can record continuously for around 2 hours. The JVC Adixxion is waterproof, dustproof and freezeproof and offers a lot of customization (even white balance!) – what more could you possibly wish for?

3) GoPro Hero 4 Black


Yes, yes, we teased you enough. It’s time to talk about the action camera you’ve been waiting for. If you can handle its steep price tag, you will get the most advanced and powerful action camera on the market. Small, light, tweakable with a recorded quality of the highest standards, this is the camera to have for those who love to film their outdoor moments. Shooting at 720p and the outstanding 4K, GoPro’s dynamic range avoids underexposure and the quality of the night shooting is well above any other camera of its kind. As for the accessories, you can literally attach the camera to anything; there are dozens of accessories and suction cups available. There is hardly anything else we can complain about, except from the price, but great quality has always been expensive. Still, unfortunately the battery is unable to record for more than 1 h 30 min and the menu could use some touchscreen magic. But that’s about it, really.

4) Garmin VIRB Elite


Garmin is more known for its well-built fitness trackers, so its entry on this list might come up as a surprise. But even though they are novices at this, they’ve managed to build a solid action camera, able to give others a run for their money. Shooting videos in 1080p and pictures up to 16MP, it includes a bunch of sensors, including GPS, being able to tell your altitude. It connects to Android and iOS smartphones through WiFi and the battery life is twice as better as GoPro’s, shooting up to three hours, depending on the camera’s settings.

5) Polaroid C3


The Polaroid C3, better known as Polaroid Cube, should be on this list even if solely for the cute factor. Just look at it – a small, brightly-colored cube, able to shoot 5MP pictures and record videos at 1280 x 720. Sure, the quality of the footage is not GoPro-level, but this is one of the drawbacks of its design. Using it couldn’t be easier, since there is a single button to rule them all. Press on it once to take a picture, twice to record and hold it pressed to turn it on and off. The price is extremely accessible, being worth every penny and it’s an action camera destined to get a lot of attention.


written by mangoorange

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