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Nowadays, there is an increasing desire for people to leave their couch potato-like habits in the past and do something more productive with their lives. As the world is accelerating, its inhabitants want to keep the pace with it as well, but they can only achieve that through a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, counting calories, being aware of the sleep patterns or tracking running distances have become the norm of the day. Luckily for everybody, staying or achieving a certain shape is becoming easier, thanks to gadgets like fitness trackers. Here is a rundown of some of the best ones available on the market right now.

Jawbone Up24


This fitness tracker has been designed to feel comfortable on your wrist, because it’s meant to be worn during the night, since its main purpose is to track your sleep patterns. It has the capability to differentiate between light and heavy sleep and it can even be set to emit vibrations and act as an alarm clock, so that you won’t skip any plans you might have for the day. While in terms of looks, it almost looks identical to the previous Jawbone Up, it boosts some extra features, like Bluetooth and a highly improved app which does a fine job in regards to diet tracking, apart from the previously mentioned sleep patterns. While it’s pricey, the accuracy of the data is well worth it.

Basis Peak


Even though its name might lead you to believe that this fitness tracker is…well, basic, this gadget is anything but that. With a striking, classy look, wearing it becomes a pleasure, rather than a need. Despite the fact that it can be used as a watch, there are no compromises regarding its functionality. The Basis Peak tracks sleep, heart rate and the steps you make during the course of the day and it can also switch between modes automatically, being able to detect the action you are performing, whether it’s cycling, running, sleeping or simply walking. It has Android and iOS compatibility and it’s also swim-proof resistant.

Garmin Vivosmart


This fitness tracker is the closest thing to a smartwatch, by managing to successfully impulse you to move more, while also staying in sync with your cell phone, by delivering its notifications literally on your wrist. While the design isn’t all that appealing, Vivosmart shines thanks to the numerous activity data it tracks and controls, like notifications, miles walked, steps taken and of course, the number of burned calories. A nice feature is a bar which informs you that you should move, since you’ve been idle for too long. When you’re caught up in activities, time flies; therefore, it’s welcomed to have a gadget reminding you to stretch your muscles a bit.

Microsoft Band


Of course, Microsoft needed to have a word to say in regards to fitness trackers – and luckily, they did a fine job. You aren’t getting a mere device which monitors your activity, but a digital fitness trainer. It has a feature called Guided Workout, allowing you to access workout plans from famous fitness companies, like Gold’s Gym and save them on your device. Once this step is performed, the Microsoft Band will take you from one step to the other, complete with resting times. Also included is the option to sync the band with your smartphone and receive notifications on it.

Adidas Fit Smart


This device won’t track your calories or monitor your sleep activity, so you might wonder why anyone would need it. Actually, the Adidas Fit Smart is aimed at professionals who are preparing for a certain race or want to stay fit for various sports activities. The app gives you full control in regards to the training schedule, but it also does things for you, like reminding you when you should push yourself harder and speed up; it knows exactly when to do it, because unlike many other fitness trackers, it includes a heart rate monitor.

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