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Over the years we have run a number of online services utilizing various web hosting platforms and services.  As a website owner one of the worst things you can ever hear are comments from others such as:

“I can’t see your site”
“Its not coming up for me”
“I can’t upload the file”
“I sent you the email.  You didn’t get it?”

Major Uptime (www.majoruptime.com) provides Website Monitoring Services can check your website, email servers and various other connection types at regular intervals to ensure your information is available and ready for you, your customers and other visitors.  While most of the services we have tried in the past charged an intro rate of $9.95/month, they would renew at much higher prices all the way up to $99/month.  The Major Uptime product is far cheaper than anything we have seen.  The base package is $5/month which will monitor up to three items of your choice.  You can add more monitors for $1/month per each extra.  If you know you are going to be monitoring things for a longer period of time a 1 year subscription is just $36 which averages $3/month.

The nice thing about this service is you can set it and forget it.  Major Uptime will automatically alert you via email, text message or both if any of your monitoring services are triggered for connection issues.  Not only does it alert you of the outage, but it will also tell you what the type of error is.  Did you make some updates that accidentally broke the site? Is your site available for some people but not others?  These alerts will help you pinpoint the error and know who you should contact to help get things fixed.  For more information take a look at https://www.majoruptime.com.

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One Response to “New Website Monitoring Service – Major Uptime”

  1. 1. jennymiller Says:

    I wanted to give the site (Major Uptime) a try and was disappointed to find out that their site was closed and their service was no longer available.

    However, I found an even better site monitoring service at Content Site Monitor (https://www.contentsitemonitor.com). It has a really simple and cool web interface that allows you to view your site’s up-time statistics on a desktop or mobile screen. It’s easy to configure your monitoring parameters as well.

    It doesn’t just ping your server to make sure that it’s alive. It allows you to specify certain content/keywords that you want to monitor and it will send you alert email if the content/keywords are missing from your site. The reason why you need to monitor for certain content/keywords is that your server can be up even after it has been defaced by hackers.

    It sends you alert email if there’s any problems with your site. Best of all, it’s free to monitor up to 3 sites!

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