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People write articles for different reasons. Some write them in order to generate cash whereas some write articles to display them to the world and entice everyone to read. Knowing the fundamentals of article marketing helps you succeed in your interest of writing articles.

The basic aim of an article marketer is to invite as much traffic on his blog or website as possible and to make it available and visible on all the search engines.
Following are some guidelines which are fundamental to know when it comes about article marketing. By following these rules, you can achieve success in the article marketing task. These guidelines are as follows:


1.    The first and the fundamental rule is to decide a topic for your article. The topic is usually present in your mind and al you have to do is to detect it and probe about it. This is also known as niche. The niche should be such that it should interest the readers and something that would provoke competition and while everyone is busy working on the same line, you can produce something of the same kind in a unique way in order to win the competition.

2.    Another important rule is to decide a keyword which is such that it looks simple, reads can remember it and it appears on the search engine as soon as you type it.

3.    Always try to end the article by putting your name in the end. This promotes you and improves your publicity. You can even create a pen name that might be similar to your actual name or completely different.

4.    The content you write should be such that it reflects professionalism, expertise. Also, you should review the other article marketers and their directories to know where you stand and how much improvement you require. This is also known as self-assessment.

5.    Do not forget to format your article as it may look rough and all jumbled up! If the article is difficult to read, then many readers will just glimpse through it and read half a line or two and shut the window.

6.    In order to make your reader’s attention diverted towards the article, always try to underline meaningful and strong words you have used. Bolding can also be used to highlight the relevant points and this can also capture a reader’s attention.

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