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Blog posting is not what blogging is all about – it is a long way process and also involves promotion of your blog among people to make it social. People are very much motivated and psyched to start a blog as it involve lots of fun and flavor. Blog promotion helps you to share your opinions and view points with people and express your remarks about different situations.

A blogger must increase his social circles and add more people in his friends list in social sites like twitter, face book, friend feed, linked in etc. in order to make your comments and remarks on other’s blogs noticeable, a person tends to give valuable and worthy comments on people’s blog. This will make your blog be noticed by the writer and reader, both.

There are also some blog promotion agencies and people who can help you assist in promotion of your blog. However, by following some useful tips and techniques a person can effectively promote his blog.

Following are some of the guidelines for promoting your blog. They are as follows.


1. A new blog lacks traffic as not many people are aware of the new blog. A new blog can take many months before it is promoted. The search engines also do not promote the new blogs much because of factors like lack of reliability and trust.

2. The matter and content the blog has must be attractive and worthy to be read. This can attract many readers as well ass bloggers to view your blog.

3. A person should also blog regularly in order to invite more traffic. This will make the reader interested and intrigued to know what you have written.

4. The blog services must be notified as soon as the blog is updated.

5. All the bloggers around the globe are connected with each other through the internet. Thus, this indicates that for a blogger, networking is an important aspect. Networking also helps you expand your social circle as the colleagues and friends help you give feedback on your written content and tell you whether if it is alright or need any editing.

6. Through heavy blogging traffic, you can earn some money too. For this, you need to promote your blog and also advertise it. Some advertising means are really effective and affordable and give traffic on your blog.


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