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If you are looking for dedicated web hosting or any type of web hosting in general, I would highly suggest that you look at Burst.net !  Recently I acquired 110mb.com, one of the web’s largest free web hosting providers.  110mb.com is a HUGE site, we have over a million visitors per day that hit our servers, with that being said we must have reliable servers.   Over the past few weeks I have closely been monitoring all 12 of our servers and have seen many servers go down; however, we have 3 servers that have not gone down the entire time that we have owned the site, and these three servers are hosted with BURSTNET .

This company offers VERY affordable dedicated hosting plans and I would feel comfortable referring anyone to this hosting provider.  I just wanted to write a short note to tell you how much I have appreciated this dedicated web hosting provider.  Be sure to click our link below to head strait to BurstNET.


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One Response to “BurstNET Review | My experience with Burst.net”

  1. 1. tinchev Says:

    My opinion is to RUN AWAY from this hosting provider as far as you can.

    Recently, we purchased a VPS with a monthly plan. First, they gave us one IP only so we had to by a package of 5 more (they don’t sell less additional IPs) so we can setup our name servers.

    Then in one week we found out they have given us a blacklisted IP. Yahoo! Mail would not remove us from their blacklist in any way for 3-4 weeks after the purchase and after setting all SPF, DKIM, etc. The emails of our customers were bounced by Yahoo! with the reason:

    SMTP error from remote mail server after initial connection:
    host mta6.am0.yahoodns.net []: 421 4.7.1 [TS03] All messages from —.—.—.— will be permanently deferred; Retrying will NOT succeed. See https://postmaster.yahoo.com/421-ts03.html.

    So after trying everything, we requested a main server IP change. The guy on the phone said: “I am new one hear and I have never heard of IP change possibility. I will ask and we will see.” Then quite time followed for a couple of days… No replies to my tickets, no interest in solving our issues at all.

    The truth about the support of this company:

    The typical response time of their support team is about 3 DAYS!? and they don’t care much even if you call by phone after that long period. They just say “we will take care of the issue” and then you don’t hear from them for another 3 days or more. You just don’t hear from them at all – even if you update your ticket. The support chat on their website is there for no reason – the status is always OFF LINE i.e. it is not available and generates tickets only (which are again not responded in a timely manner).

    The first month of hosting with this company was the worst and the most awful thing that has happened to us with a hosting company for the 20 years of experience. So we moved to another povider and we canceled our services ASAP.

    The new povider has a real 24 hour chat support (although we will rarely need it I hope), they do respond a ticket in 35-45 minutes. And their prices are lower. Now that I call a good hosting company.

    BurstNet is not. Run away from them and don’t be fooled with their promotions.

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