May 22

When searching for a web host, the first thing you do as part of your research is to read the “reviews”  on different hosts.  You use the reviews to read what others have to say, in order to come to a conclusion on the host that suits your needs the best.

A “Web hosting review” is supposed to be an honest personal opinion giving by the customer of a web hosting company – about the advantages and disadvantages of using that host.

But is that what happens? Not all the time! You must have seen websites where there are a lot of negative hosting reviews and there are others that do not find any fault with their web hosts.

Is that what the web hosting world is all about – a fantastic host that can do no wrong and the worst host that does nothing right?

The fact is many “web hosting reviews”  are misleading. It is important to understand how to see through such reviews and find the genuine hosting reviews.

HostGator is known for being one of the best web hosts and there are thousands of people using their services. I use them too for many of my sites, but that doesn’t make them 100% perfect. There are some minor issues that come up once in a while, but overall I’m very happy with their customer service and their uptime, so I stick to them.  I don’t start looking for a new host whenever there is a problem, because I’ve had some very bad experiences with a couple of other hosts earlier.

Website reviews are done because there is need for them.  There are many people looking for “honest web hosting reviews” before they can make a decision in choosing the right web host. Of course, there are many sites that exercise integrity when reviewing.

You may also find a different type of review, where you are told exactly what is being offered by the web hosts, without giving any opinions. They list out the features and explain them in a simple manner, to make it easier for you to understand.  They are just “profiling” the web hosts and not reviewing.  They do this to help those with less experience, because visiting a web hosting company’s website and seeing all those plans can be initially confusing.

We are not saying that you shouldn’t believe in all the good reviews, but use your judgment and assess the website where these reviews are posted. On the other hand, if you see a completely negative review, just don’t discard the web hosting company based on that.  Look for other reviews on the same hosting company, because it may be coming from a customer who is never pleased with anything or even from a rival hosting company using a fake identity. That’s what business is all about in today’s world.  Each one putting the other down and the Web is a vast playground for such unscrupulous elements. But of course, if you find that the hosting company has garnered several negative reviews all over the Web, then there must be a reason and you should think of staying away from it.  Base your decision on what a lot of people have to say, not just one or two.

Another thing to look out for is generic comments. When you see “reviews” (I’m not talking about profiles here) that are totally superficial and do not really provide any value, the warning bells should start ringing.  Something like, “I like this web host” doesn’t actually reveal any information about the web host.  Look for in-depth reviews!

The best way to go about finding genuine information through web hosting reviews is to read lots of them from different sites. Discard reviews that are overly positive and superficial and do not give up on a host just because of a couple of negative reviews. This is obviously not the only thing that you’re going to do in your search for a new web host, but as far as reviews go, this should be your modus operandi.

As for web hosting reviews, we are a bit biased but I would suggest!

written by mangoorange

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