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Okay folks listen up!  I always receive e-mails from people who ask me to review a good free web hosting provider!  In all honestly I normally do not review free web hosting companies because I firmly believe that most people would benefit and be thankful in the long run if they just go ahead and pay $3.95 to sign up with a company like Hostmonster or Bluehost.  Free web hosting always does sound good to webmasters (especially beginners) but paying a few dollars each month, in my opinion, is well worth it for the control that you gain over your hosting account.

With all that being said I have finally decided to grant the request of my readers and today I will review a free web hosting provider that I honestly believe is the best in the free web hosting category.

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The reason I believe is the best free web hosting provider is because they give ALL of their users a convenient way to upgrade to a paid web hosting plan.  When you sign up for free web hosting at you will get 100MB of disk space, 1GB of disk space, and 10 free e-mail accounts.  Now, this is a GREAT deal for anyone looking to create a very simple website for personal use.  The reason I like doteasy is because if you decide that you need more space you can simply upgrade to a monthly plan and your disk space will be increased instantly!

So I give 4 stars and I would say that the are the best in the field of FREE web hosting!  If you are considering signing up with DotEasy you will not regret it.  Should you want to learn more about DotEasy you can read the DotEasy Review at


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