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Blogging can be fun, fulfilling, and also profitable.  With each year more and more people on the web have been developing their own personal blogs.  These blogs can be used to share your thoughts on business, politics, family, church, and so much more!  Many people do not recognize the importance of starting your blog now so I thought I would explain the importance of this.  When you have a blog or a website you purchase a domain name (example: MangoOrange.com). The problem is, with each year, these domain names continue to be bought up and it is harder and harder to find a good available name.  Everyone in the world should be able to own the rights to their name (example: JohnHancock.com) but even these are being bought out.  If you wait too long you will also lose your name!

So today I will take you step-by-step through the process needed to start your own blog AND own your domain name for under $50 a year.  We have partnered with AlreadyHosting.com to make signing up for a personal blog easier than it has ever been.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

1. The first step is to purchase your web hosting account and domain name, this will be the only expense that you will encounter during this whole process.  We suggest that you sign up with Hostmonster or Bluehost.

2. After signing up with one of these two web hosting providers you will need to log into your account and install WordPress for free.  AlreadyHosting.com will install wordpress for free if you follow the steps on their WordPress Installation page.

3. After installation WordPress you are ready to start blogging, its that easy!  If you want you can customize your blog with different themes; however, this is not required.  If you need help using WordPress you can check out this great article explaining how to blog.

Starting a personal blog has never been easier or cheaper!  I hope this guide will help you setup your first blog.

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