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Many people who are looking to create their first website have no idea what they need to get started.  However, creating a website is MUCH easier than one might imagine.  In this article I would like to briefly explain the process of getting a site online works and why you need web hosting and a domain name.

It is important to understand the difference between web hosting and domain names because you need both.  Web hosting is the space that you buy on a remote computer to store your website files.  When you purchase web hosting you are basically renting space on a high-powered server somewhere in the world.

A domain name is the actual name of your website (ie.  The domain name will point to your web hosting account.


A lot of times companies want to charge you for both domain names and web hosting accounts; however, we have found a list of a few hosts that will give you a free domain name with the purchase of web hosting.  The following is a list of some great hosts that will give you a FREE domain name when you purchase web hosting:

Each of these hosts have been tested by us and are all quality web hosting providers.  As you can see (by clicking on the links) our exclusive partnership with these hosts will get you some great discounts on your hosting purchase.

Creating a website is actually an easy task but the first step is to sign up for a web hosting account!  If you have any questions about web hosting or domain names be sure to e-mail us using the “contact us” link at the top of the page.

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