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Ooma Review

Typically we focus solely on reviewing the best web hosting comapanies; however, periodically when we encounter a great product that is not related to web hosting we think it is important to share this information with you.  Today I want to give you a quick glance at one of the web’s top VOIP services, Ooma.com!

When I was searching for a VOIP service I can accross a site called, “VOIPRater.com“.  This site proved very beneficial in my search for a VOIP company.  I was looking on the site for a reliable VOIP service who could handle the needs of a large company but also handle smaller needs as well.  I ran accross their review of Ooma.com and I found out that this might be a solution to my problem.

Ooma appears to be a great VOIP service!  The pricing may be slightly more than that of competitors but sometimes it is true that you get what you pay for.

If you are looking for a great VOIP service I would highly suggest looking at Ooma!   If you would like to learn more information on this host I would suggest that you take a look at the review that I first ran to on VOIPRater.com.  The link to that review is:   Ooma Review !

I also found a link on VOIPRater that will allow you to get the Ooma VOIP system shipped to you free.  That information can be found at the link below!  Hope this help!

Ooma – VOIP Free Shipping!

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