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PacificHost Review

Once again it is our honor to introduce to you a world-class web hosting provider.  Each and every day we look for one web host that provides a high quality web hosting solution for affordable rates.  Today we have the distinct honor to review PacificHost.com!

PacificHost offers many different web hosting plans; in fact, the Pacific Host basic plan starts at only $4.95 a month!  PacificHost.com also offers a great reseller web hosting plan that will be outlined below.  One thing that separates PacificHost from other hosting providers is their desire to provide quick and friendly customer support (which we all enjoy).  PacificHost also gained my respect by NOT offering unlimited web hosting.  Why does this gain my respect?  There is no way that any host can truly give you unlimited space; however, thousands advertise this…. Pacific Host gives you plenty of space and they are honest and tell you EXACTLY what you are buying… For this I give them an A+.

PacificHost.com Web Hosting Plans:

PacificHost Shared Web Hosting:

Depending on you needs PacificHost has a web hosting package fit for you.  Shared web hosting plans start at $4.95 a month and work their way up to $35.95.  The basic plan will work great for anyone wanting to create a simple site (blog, informative, etc.)  High maintenance sites like video sites should really consider choosing a more advanced and higher priced plans.  The 6 shared web hosting plans include: PH Basic, PH Standard, PH Ultra, PacificHost Premier, PacificHost Business, PacificHost Enterprise.  Each of these plans come with the world class customer support mentioned above.   Signup for PacificHost Web Hosting NOW!

PacificHost Reseller Plans:

Reselling web hosting is a great way to make some extra income… In fact, many web hosting resellers have made tens of thousands of dollars in the business.  With this being said it is my great honor to introduce to you three premier web hosting reseller plans.  PacificHost.com has 3 reseller plans ranging from $24.95 to $69.95.  The names of these great web hosting plans are: PacificHost Beginner, PacificHost Professional, and PacificHost Elite!  Read more about the PacificHost.com Reseller Plan!

Closing Thoughts:

PacificHost.com is great and we proudly endorse this host.  If you would like to learn more about PacificHost.com you can read the AlreadyHosting.com PacificHost Review!  Be sure to use our exclusive promo link (click the banner at the top) to ensure you are getting the absolute best pricing on Pacific Host plans.


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