Dec 27

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Over the past months we have all had our eyes glued on the developments of Google Caffeine!  Since Google announced that Caffeine would be released we have had tons of unconfirmed reports that Google Caffeine is Live.  To this day there has been little evidence that caffeine is life; however, this has all changed. and our web hosting partner, can confirm that there has been a MAJOR serp shakeup on Google ( as of December 28th ).  We also noticed that the load time of results on are drastically faster which is a sure sign the Google Caffeine has been launched officially!

We wish everyone the best of luck with this change and hope you enjoy this new faster Google!

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2 Responses to “Google Caffeine is Live on”

  1. 1. bigbluerobot Says:

    I still seeing the results switch between the old index and the new (caffeine) index hourly.

  2. 2. KeystoneRV Says:

    I think its online i saw some fluctuations in search engine results which are most probably caused because of Google Caffeine going live….

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