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LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) is probably the most popular combination of web development technologies at present. Everyone seems to be talking about and using these technologies to create websites for hobby or to make money online. WordPress, the publishing platform used by hundreds of millions of people world wide, is based on PHP and MySQL.

The other day I was looking for solutions to some of my LAMP web development problems, quite common ones, but people forget, you know. After a few frustrating searches, this site called Make A Website gave me the perfect answers to questions such as how to send attachments via email with PHP, saving me tons of time to do it myself. I also tried some relevant searches regarding similar issues and it seemed to be always well ranked by Google because of its detailed, helpful content. So I thought I’d give it a recommendation here as did Killer Startups.

Other than writing about the server side programming stuff like PHP and MySQL, has also come up with a comprehensive library of HTML and CSS tips for front end developers that only the most seasoned and finest HTML / CSS craftsman can give you. In addition, he has dedicated a section to web hosting tips that are meant to address problems regarding server administration and performance optimization. For those who are choosing a web host and concerned with SEO, though the points may not necessarily be authoritatively correct, this article is extremely worth a read.

With 5-star original content, is enjoying loads of traffic according to Alexa. The only downside is that it lacks the personality needed to build up a brand thus a loyal readership. Leader bloggers such as Joel on Software and Seth Godin are where they are today because they are virtually writing themselves out instead of just presenting the information. There are stories there and it’s personal, when you are reading along the writings, you feel like you know them. That’s exactly the sort of things missing at If I’m not wrong, does not have many subscribers because most of its articles are about solving very specific technical problems. People are looking for a quick answer. They come quick and go quick and would not care to know more about the author. Should catches up in this respect, it’d soon become one of the most popular voices in the web development and Internet marketing world.

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