Nov 14

Great news!  Due to your support over the past few months we have been able to release a new wordpress theme called, iThemeAds 1.0.  The new theme is very similar (in layout) to the i2theme and i3theme; however there are some changes.

First, the new iThemeAds is banner ad ready!  This will make it easy to add your affiliate/advertising links to the site.  Should you not want the banner ad, you can take 10 seconds and remove the ad.

Second, the new iThemeAds will come in different colors.. Our first BETA test was with a black (solid) background.  Within the next 48 hours we should be releasing a bunch of new color schemes.

Third, the new theme works great with the new WordPress version 1.6!

As I mentioned, we just released our beta version of our iThemesAds 1.0 Black Edition and many more colors are to come.  Take a second and download our new Free iThemeAds 1.0 WordPress Theme.


(Preview of CENTER Edition)


(Preview of RIGHT Edition)

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