Oct 26

It is true that search engines like Google have dominated the website search world over the past few years; however Google is not the only type of search engine to evolve as a successful engine.  There are now literally search engines for everything, for example: images, movies, and files.  I did a little research this morning and found a couple file search engines that seem to stick out above all others.  We thought we could share these sites with you in case you have been searching the web for a specific file.

We have found several interesting net resources which help us to get the desired files/programs. Among the great variety of Rapidshare search engines providing direct links to files, KvAz.com has the most simple and suitable interface and friendly navigation. And over 12,000,000 Rapidshare links make Kvaz.com very useful.

As for Megaupload links – they can offer you a young fast growing file search engine Xlinker.org. This site offers over 500,000+ fresh Megaupload links and practically doesn’t contain teasing banners – pure information.

It is unusal to find a file search site that provides a good service without spamming you with all kinds of banners; however, these two file search engines seem to stick strickly to search.  I took a look at multiple file search sites and I would have to say that these two sites looks as if they are the best.

I hope you find this information helpful if you have been searching for the best file search engines.

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