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Today I would like to teach you how to easily create your first website using WordPress and WordPress themes.   Prior to the development individuals looking to create a presence online were forced to either learn how to build and design websites, or they were required to pay a large sum of money to create the site.   This is no longer true.

WordPress is a free application that allows uers to develop blogs, personal websites, or business websites.  In fact, this very site ( is powered by WordPress and our very own i3theme.    Today I would like to teach you the very simple steps needed to easily create your first website with wordpress themes.

How To Create Your First Website

1.  The only thing that you will need to purchase is web hosting (your space on they internet).   This will cost around $50 for an entire years worth of hosting, so it is very affordable.   In my opinion the best web hosting provider is HostMonster, so before we get started please take a second and register for web hosting at HostMonster.   Please watch this guide to signing up with HostMonster if you need help.

2. Log into your newly created web hosting account.  Once you are logged in you can scroll down until you see a button that says SimpleScripts. Simple click this button and use Simplescripts to easy install WordPress, for free, on your web hosting server.

3.  Once you have done this you will receive an email with details how to log into your newly created wordpress website.   Simple follow those instructions to log into your account.

4.  Next, you will want to scan the web for free wordpress themes to find a theme that fits your needs.  We offer a very popular free wordpress theme if you would like to use it.   Once you find a theme, download the .ZIP file to your computer’s desktop.

5.  Now from your wordpress account you can upload the free wordpress theme and customize your page with any text that you would like to appear.   With wordpress, creating your first website is as easy as typing on Microsoft Word.

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