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If you have been wondering, “How do I start my own blog?”  We are going to completely answer that question in this easy as 1-2-3 guide to creating your own blog.

First, when you start your own blog you may find that their are many companies that claim to offer FREE blog hosting; however, you get what you pay for.  By signing up for a free blog you are ultimately allowing the site to place banners or text on your website.  This may not sound bad at first; however, I have heard of individuals who have signed up for a blog and then had adult ads placed on their site.  This extreme situation can not only looks bad on your site but it also can damage your personal reputation.

You can start your own blog for very cheap and you will never have to worry about ruining your credibility if you follow the following steps:

How Do I Start My Own Blog?

1. Sign up for professional web hosting at Hostmonster or Bluehost.  Both of these companies offer blog hosting services and only cost $3.95 a month.

—-> Sign Up for HostMonster Web Hosting
—-> Sign Up For BlueHost Web Hosting

2.  Log in to your new hosting account CPANEL and click on the, SimpleScripts button.  (Please note:  HostMonster and Bluehost are the only two sites to offer SimpleScripts within the CPANEL.

3.  Use simple scripts to install wordpress.  This is as easy as 1-2-3!

4.  After installing wordpress you can use the current blog theme or you can upload any custom wordpress theme that you may find on the web.  We offer a very popular free wordpress theme called the i3theme.

Blog Web Hosting

Guess What? Thats it, follow these simple steps and you will be the owner of your very own blog.  Using this guide you will no longer have to wonder how to create my own blog.

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