Aug 31

Hello All — I would first like to introduce myself as the owner of one of the largest web hosting review affiliate sites,  Today I wanted to write a quick blog post outlining 10 useful tips for affiliate marketers looking for success.

#1 – Only Promote Useful & Credible Products: It takes months and possibly years to gain credibility for your site; however, it only takes one day to lose it all if you promote a poor product.

#2 – Do NOT pick a product to promote solely on the commission offered: Our top 10 hosting list is not based on commission; in fact, we would lose money if we had our top paying affiliate in the #1 spot… We base our rankings on the QUALITY for the site, quality sites convert better ultimately resulting in more sales = more money in your pocket.

#3 – Grow a relationship with Affiliate Managers: Building a great relationship with affiliate manager will not only help you keep up-to-date with the latest news and promotions but it can also put big bucks in your pocket.  Affiliate markets also want to have a good relationship with you (Affiliates)… You will find that the better of a relationship you have with the company the more tools they will give you.

#4 – It takes time, be patient: Getting your first sale can take a lot of work and time, but be patient, over time with a little work, your site will continue to grow more successfully.

#5 – Content is King: Try to add new content to your site on a daily basis.  The more content that you have indexed in search engines to more money you will make.. Also be sure to take full advantage inner linking to build your site’s pagerank.

#6 – Ask, Ask, Ask: Many companies will offer affiliates promotional links, coupon codes, or even a higher commission; however, the key is that you have to ask.  Don’t be afraid to ask for these things, the worse thing that can happen is that they say “no”.

#7 – Share Information With Others: I do not consider other related sites as competitors but instead as friends.. I have shared a lot of information with other related sites, in exchange, they have shared with me a lot of valuable information.

#8 – Offer Solutions To Questions: If you want to sell more products you need to write more content directed towards answering others questions.  Those who will buy your products typically have a minimum knowledge in your niche.. Think about the questions that a newbie in your field would ask, and then answer those questions on your website.

#9 – Pick Familiar Niches: When try to decide which products to promote, I would suggest only choosing products or topics that you are familiar with.  To be successful you MUST have credibility and it is hard to have credibility in a niche that you are unfamiliar with.

#10 – Build Your Brand: As previously mentioned, credibility is everything.  One of the best ways to gain credibility is to build brand awareness.  Do everything you can to get your website name & logo distributed across the web.

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