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10-factors-for-Page-Speed-improvement[1]Google Pages also known as Google web hosting is no longer taking any more sign-ups according to the official Google Pages web site.   Don’t Panic… There are actually many great alternatives to Google web hosting.

**Why would web hosting through Google be a bad thing?**

I will be the first to admin that Google rocks and pretty much dominates the entire web when it comes to FREE services; however, FREE is not always good when it comes to hosting.  When you are looking for a web host for you business, corporation, church, blog, or personal site you should ALWAYS look for a host that will give you a free personalized domain name.  With the old Google web hosting platform you couldn’t receive a customized domain name and you were limited to how much disk space and bandwidth you could have.

If you goal is to truly run a professional business you need to consider other alternatives to Google web hosting.  For under $4 a month you can choose a company that specilizes and excels in web hosting.  The professional web hosts listed below not only will give you a free domain name but they also will give you unlimited server resources (not offered by Google web hosting).

So as I mentioned, its true that Google rocks but (at this time) you are still smart going with an independant web hosting provider if you are looking to get your website online fast.    I would suggest any of the following web hosts:

HostMonster – $3.95/month
BlueHost – $3.49/month
GreenGeeks – $3.96/month

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