May 18

There are quite a few premium web directories out there and before submitting to them it is always nice to do a little research. One of my personal favorites is the Web Directory. While doing some research on this directory, I came across something interesting, which I will get to a little later.

Unlike most web directories, VMOptions has a unique feature which separates it from other directories. They permit a unique description on the link detail pages. One would expect this to be costly, especially with the popularity of VMOptions, but there are no additional fees when using this feature. Such features should be more common then they are, especially with Google cracking down on duplicate content.

Many believe Google Sitelinks are an indication of authority, and to some degree this is accurate. But what I found interesting when re-validating VMOptions’ status, is that they actually have two different types of Google Sitelinks which appear for different search terms. Below you will find what appears to be three horizontal Google Sitelinks.


Oddly enough, a completely different set of Google Sitelinks appears while using a different search term. This group of Sitelinks now contains four distinct URLs.


In all, the VMOptions web directory had Google Sitelinks for three of my search queries. While this is still a solid and top performing web directory, the real gem was discovering how Google now appears to be customizing which Sitelinks are displayed for distinct search queries.

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  1. 1. Jon Heller Says:

    Nice catch. I took your example and then had a friend in Texas perform a similar search for a site I knew to have 4 Sitelinks. Guess what… Not only are they displaying different site links for different search queries, they are factoring in locality as well.

    Day by day the major SE’s are spending more and more energy (and money I would presume) on Local Search.

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