Apr 01

Those of you who follow pagerank updates… Today is your day.. It appears that Google has has a pagerank update on April 1, 2009 … And thats no april fools joke 🙂

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4 Responses to “Pagerank Update – April 1, 2009”

  1. 1. Taylor Says:

    How many of you had a higher page rank earlier, then had it drop back down to normal again?

    Earlier two of my sites increased in PR

    After 9:00 PM Pacific – 12:00 AM Eastern, my PR on both of my sites dropped back to normal.

    What’s the catch?

  2. 2. mangoorange Says:

    When google updates PR it has to change on multiple datacenters.. one second your Google toolbar may be reading from one updated datacenter but then the next it may be reading from a datacenter that hasnt updated yet.

  3. 3. Barry Wise Says:

    Looks like it’s still in flux, the final toolbar pagerank updates haven’t been released yet. A lot of people are seeing pagerank jumps though, so it is definitely coming soon.

  4. 4. Web Your Name® Says:

    PageRank is like a shooting star, you can keep chasing it, but you will never catch it. MangoOrange is a cool name. Love the site. Love the PR.

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