Mar 30

Normally I stay up to date with Google services but I did not know that Google had their own Affiliate Network.   I just signed up for their affiliate program and I will let you know how it goes… Does anyone use the Google Affiliate Network already?  If so have you had any luck?

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2 Responses to “Google Affiliate Network … Who Knew?”

  1. 1. John Says:

    Its basically Performics with the Google name on it right now. DoubleClick owned Performics and then G bought doubleclick. They have not made a whole lot of chages to the network, but I am assuming some pretty big changes will be made in the next year. Performics was an ok network before, but now that G has its hands on it, I am expecting it to improve

  2. 2. matt Says:

    I’m actually pretty excited about it. I’m really new to affiliate marketing and signed up for clickbank. They have tons of products but if you look at their landing pages almost all of them have tons of grammar errors. I’m no English major myself but I understand the concept of proof reading. My only guess is that they outsource all of their design to people in countries like India that don’t comprehend the language or something.

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