Mar 25

As you know Google continues to impress the world with their new tools and applications… I thought I would write a real quick post outlining my favorite 5 Google Applications (and a short review)..

#5 – Google Keyword Tool
This tool is free and allows me to quickly research keywords for SEO and PPC reasons.. Although there are many great keyword research tools out there, none can be as accurate as the one directly from the big G!

#4 – Google Webmaster Tools
From this page you can check on your website (backlinks, pagerank, errors, and much more)… You can also read up on Google tips and guides explaining how to build your website.. Basically if you own a website you must check out this tool!

#3 – Google Books
As a college student I am very appreciative of this free service by Google…  If your looking to read a book, magazine, or research LOOK HERE… Words cannot explain this service so check it out!

#2 – Google Earth
This is just cool and fun to play with 🙂

#1 – GMAIL 
This is perhaps the most overlooked free Google Aplication but I could not live life without it!  With GMAIL you basically get unlimited space for free… Great!

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