Mar 25

About a month and a half ago we (Kentuckians) had one of the worst natural disasters in the history of our state.  A huge ice storm hit Kentucky and knocked out electricity, water, landlines, cell phones, basically everything!  I managed to take a few pictures of my yard with my cell phone; however, these pictures do not even come close to showing the damage that was done. 

I know this is a random post but I thought you guys might enjoy these pictures. (Click to enlarge)

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One Response to “Kentucky Ice Storm Pictures”

  1. 1. shelby Says:

    When we had the ice storm it was very cold i thought i was about to freeze to death also ppl had to use our school munfordville elementary as a shelter there was 30,000 ppl left without power lots of ppl stayed in schools or at relatives also hotels because of this tragedy.
    But we survived it.
    There were no deaths or injeries.
    we had some of our family stay with us. It was a beutiful but dangerouse site.
    they was trees laying every were lines on poles were down some light poles cracked in half. also some houses and vechicals were destroyed because of tree trucks have fallen. The roads were so slick you couldnt even walk on them without falling but us kentuckians stood together and helped each other survive the ice storm.

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