Jun 19

I know is a little late for a release for WordPress 2.5. I would like to apologize for that as I’m very busy with my current work at Silicon Valley. Thankful, I found some time to work on the new release. The improvements might not be a lot but it’s worthwhile a new release. Hope you would like it.

So what’s new in i2Theme 1.1 and i3Theme 1.7?
Gravatar Plugin support
Giving new identity to your blog readers. It’s a cool stuff to have. Enhance your reader to give their feedback as well. Hope you like it. You have to download Gravatar Plugin to enable this feature.

Pings and Comments separatedPings are now separated (click to see the screenshot)
Yup, finally, it’s separated. It even support the famous Paged Comments, of course, with a little hacked. Please download the plugin from MangoOrange instead. I have sent my modification and hopefully the author will include it in the future version. Till then, you have to use the hacked version. No worries, the changes are minimal.

WordPress 2.5 CSS Element support
The newly added CSS elements alignright and alignleft has been used to usually float images left and right of the post. Many having issue of no padding causing the image to stick closely with the text. No worries. It’s all fixed now.

What’s the status of the i2Theme and i3Theme?
Currently, there are over 58,000 downloads. Woohoo! Thank you everyone for the support. I will continue to work hard to try to cater for everyone’s demand and suggestions on improving the theme.

New way to support MangoOrange…
MyHappyPlanetMyHappyPlanet has been a great system in helping people to improve their language in a practical way. They includes helping you to find partner to converse. Nothing beats having someone to practice conversation. Not only that, they have a community uploading videos with translation to help you better enjoy the entertainment while learning a new language. So, check it out and sign up HERE.

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