Mar 22

ffwd LogoSome goodies for TV/Movie lovers. I gotten to know a friend who work in this startup and he invited me into the private BETA. As usual, it comes with free invites. So I would like to give away 6 free invites. 🙂

I’ve been thinking, how should I start giving it out…

Why not share with me how you use i3Theme? I love to know how everyone modify their theme. I guess the first 6 i3Theme users who post on this forum with a sentence of what they do to mod the theme and a screenshot, will get it.

All given out. Thank you to those who share your mods. Continue sharing it 😉

written by mangoorange

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2 Responses to “6 ffwd invites!”

  1. 1. mickeyckm Says:

    Can you try whether you can still post a topic? Kinda weird. They lock it by default.

  2. 2. mickeyckm Says:

    JPstyle: It seems that Ben has found out the problem faster than me. Haha. Just follow his instructions, or download the i3Theme 1.6 again. It should work now.

    The forum is open now too.. Check it out.

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