Feb 10

Update: I have re-upload the i3Theme 1.6 due to some bugs found. Thank you everyone for reporting the bug.

It’s finally out, i3Theme 1.6. Sorry for the delay as I just moved into my new home in Silicon Valley with my newly installed Comcast internet line. As promised, I have added a few tasty visual elements and best of all, 4 additional colours for you to choose from.

Four new sexy colours

i3Theme - 4 new sexy colours

A picture is worth a thousand words. Download and see it for yourself 😉

iPod Classici3Theme Classic

Since every new colour i3Theme has a sexy name, I decided to call the original i3Theme, Classic. Sounds like the iPod Classic example.

New features for i3Theme 1.6

  1. Coloured Bullets – Gone were the days of black, boring bullet points
    Coloured Bullets
  2. Quote icon – Finally, there’s a nicer way to present your quotes.Quote icon for the new i3Theme 1.6
  3. Site Admin – A direct link to access your administration page. Thank you famfamfam for providing such a wonderful icon.
    Site Admin link for i3Theme 1.6

25,000 downloads milestone

25000 downloadsThank you for everyone who continue to support i3Theme. This is another huge milestone for me. I will continue to bring more innovations in MangoOrangeâ„¢. Something cool is going to release in March. So stay tune.

Our sponsors and supporters

Lastly, I would like to thank our sponsors for continue to support the i3Theme: webhostinggeeks.com, b4udecide.com and web-hosting-top.com. If you need any help with purchasing hosting solutions, check out our sponsored links.

Hope you like the latest release and do continue to provide me with your valuable feedback.

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13 Responses to “i3Theme 1.6 is finally here, and more…”

  1. 1. 渝都散人 Says:

    Classic theme columnized by you, I can hardly find another better 3-colume theme.

  2. 2. Jared Says:

    Great work on this new 1.6 release! Nice to see that theres consistent updates with the i3theme. Please keep up the great work MangoOrange 🙂

  3. 3. mickeyckm Says:

    Hi everyone, thanks for the suggestions and complements.

    Marty: Regarding the Tag Cloud issue, the problem should have been solved using i3Theme 1.5, however, it seems okay with IE6 or I can’t reproduce the same problem. I just gotten my IE6 working, if you have the error link, maybe I can have a look at it again.

    The fluid version, I think it have to wait a while more… I still don’t have the time to examine every part and rewrite it… I’m so sorry about that…

  4. 4. mickeyckm Says:

    As far as I read… I’m not too sure what’s SEO criteria. You got any help in that? Maybe I can take a look and implement any missing stuffs.

  5. 5. Joe Says:

    Love the template, is there a way to have the main menu drop down ? Or do i need to find a plug in to accomplish this ?

    Best Template I have ever found ..

  6. 6. MacLady Says:

    What is coming in March? Should we wait? 🙂

  7. 7. mickeyckm Says:

    Well, if i3Theme suits your style, then you don’t have to wait.

  8. 8. MacLady Says:

    I like it but on the green I just wish the bg graphic went all the way down, and no limey part at the sides…. how to do that?

  9. 9. mickeyckm Says:

    Hmmm, for that, you need to do a little photoshop on the background.

  10. 10. bigd Says:

    How can we remove the “written by admin” in every post ?

  11. 11. mickeyckm Says:

    Hi, what you mean by no link and image?

  12. 12. mickeyckm Says:

    Darkmagister: Can you show me a link to your problem?

    Joel Teixeira: Possible, depending on the incompatibility with WordPress 2.5.

  13. 13. mickeyckm Says:

    it’s fixed. download again. 🙂 sorry for the problem.

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