Nov 15

Within 2 months, i3Theme has jump from 9,500 downloads to over 15,000 downloads. It shocked me as well, but I’m very glad that everyone loves it. Such continual support has enable me to keep working harder to improve the i3Theme.

Here it is, the next release of the i3Theme, version 1.4. I’m sorry that it took quite a while for me to come out with this release as I was busy finishing up my project assignments as well as preparing for my upcoming final exam.

So, you might be asking, what’s new and what’s fix…

  1. Availability of author credential of each post
    Now you will be able to see whose the author of the post. Thanks to Ken‘s request and donation. 🙂
  2. Improved blog header title with better navigation information
  3. Able to handle multiple rows of the sub-navigation page (click below to enlarge)
    i3Theme 1.4 Sub-Nav - Small
  4. Able to handle 2 times (over 2000px in height) the current maximum number of items in the box
  5. BUG FIXED: Wrong function name used, bloginfo() instead of get_bloginfo() [original iTheme code]

I hope you guys like it and continue to give me the support by downloading the latest i3Theme. More things coming up in December 2007. Keep a look out.

Lastly, kudos to i3Theme users.

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19 Responses to “Next release of the hottest Mac-theme, i3Theme 1.4”

  1. 1. millerltd Says:

    Great theme! Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. 2. millerltd Says:

    Anyway to get the blogroll categories to show?

  3. 3. mickeyckm Says:

    The blogroll category? I don’t quite get what you mean.

  4. 4. millerltd Says:

    The links in the blogroll, I have about 40 links and have under 5 or 6 differ categories, most themes I have used in the past list the category Name above that set of links, and has them in alphabetical order. I3theme shows all my links under one long list in no order. (Still LOVE the Theme)
    I will check again maybe I overlooked something.

  5. 5. mickeyckm Says:

    What you mean by public the new i3theme? i don’t quite get it.

  6. 6. mickeyckm Says:

    Dennis, you can put this link ( back to the i3Theme page, but not a link to directly download the theme. I think it’s fair for the user to know whether keep themselves update on the theme as well. Thanks. Really appreciate your effort in spreading the i3Theme.


  7. 7. jonah Says:

    I think if you want to make the content column fluid, you need to a little bit more than just altering the code. You got to change the background image(and tweak relevant CSS) for the content column header such that it stretches upon resize. Currently, the image for the header is designed for fixed width column. 🙂

  8. 8. mickeyckm Says:

    Thanks, jonah. I have plans to release the fluid version, but like jonah mentioned, you have to do some tweaking on the CSS side. I won’t be available this week and next week because of my exam. I will release a fluid version soon. hope you can wait till then 😉

  9. 9. jonah Says:

    Hi Dennis,

    I’m not entirely sure if your issue is with the i3theme… I haven’t seen the codes myself. One of the ways to remove those borders is to set the borders of those thumbnails to zero in the CSS. But you can also try setting the border for all image element to zero by doing the following:

    img {
    border: 0;

    Feel free to enlighten me if those aren’t the solution you’re looking for. 🙂

  10. 10. mickeyckm Says:

    SEO Rob: Yes, you can customise the header and everything in the theme as long as you maintain the copyright below the footer as stated in the license of the i3Theme.

    Tim: This is a new install.

  11. 11. STerdog Says:

    great theme!!
    two questions:
    1) how do you assign a static page to the “home” tab?
    2.)what is the CSS setting change the background other than the (image/main-bg.jpg)


  12. 12. mickeyckm Says:

    Laurent: Francise? U mean customise? Sub-categories… Should be no problem. I’m in the midst of an exam. I will get it up in 1-2weeks time. Be sure to check it then.

    Indra Diky: Do you have the URL for the threaded support?

    STerdog: ADMIN > Options > Reading > Static Page. Hope it helps.

    Thierry: What kind of space? Horizontal or Vertical?

    Tim: That’s sad to hear. Maybe I can help you with your problem. If you can show me the screenshot or URL?

  13. 13. Thierry Says:

    mickeyckm : I need more space vertical.

  14. 14. mickeyckm Says:

    Feroz: I’m not too sure by looking at the JPG. Most likely, the width of the ads is too wide.

  15. 15. mickeyckm Says:

    That’s interesting. I never use Live Writer before. Is it free?

  16. 16. Feroz Khan Hamid Says:

    Please help me. My ads are not enclosed inside the box. Please help. I am stuck with this. Please, can you help me ?

  17. 17. mickeyckm Says:

    Feroz: can you contact me on email about your problem?

  18. 18. Ben Says:

    It appears the columns will not display, have downloaded the centre version. I tried an older version first (1.3.1 I believe) which displayed a single column but no widgets inside of it. WP is version 2.3. Other themes I have tried have worked without issue. I am using both IE7 & FF and get the same result. Have tried deleting, redownloading and installing again with no luck. Are there any specific server requirements at all? Any help would be appreciated as I wish to use this theme for a blog I’m working on. Server enviornment is Apache/2.0.54 (Fedora), php 5.0.4 &mySQL 4.1.20.

    Kind Regards,

  19. 19. mickeyckm Says:

    Ken: Hi, some of the parts need photoshopping. Sorry that I don’t have a cheat sheet on this.

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