Oct 21

There’s a minor bug on the faulty sub-navigation that keep appearing regardless whether there is sub-pages. It’s fixed now. Sorry that I didn’t take notice of the bugs while testing. Thanks to John for helping report the bug. Also, I would like to thank everyone for continuing to use i3Theme, as your preferred choice of WordPress theme.

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8 Responses to “i3Theme 1.3.1 is out :)”

  1. 1. John Says:

    More than welcome, thankyou for looking into it…and even more for fixing it! Good luck with your exam/s 🙂

  2. 2. mickeyckm Says:

    Please make sure your wordpress is version 2.3 and above… Thanks.

  3. 3. mickeyckm Says:

    Hmmm, I haven’t tested it with 2.3.1 but the_tags fatal error? What version of i3Theme you are using? The the_Tags error only comes up when ur wordpress doesn’t support the_tags functions which only appears in wordpress 2.3 and above.

    I will try to test it soon. Sorry about that. Been busy with tonnes of school work.

  4. 4. mickeyckm Says:

    No problem. Actually, it’s a code for WordPress 2.3 and above. Are you sure you upgrade everything properly?

  5. 5. mickeyckm Says:


    1. Just use category box
    2. Nope
    3. …
    4. Nope

  6. 6. loller Says:

    the right sidemenu does not display correctly in IE6 , it gets dropped below the main template, how can i fix this?

  7. 7. loller Says:

    solved it by adjusting

    /* ————————————- main content area */
    #left-col {
    width: 530px;
    float: left;
    margin-top: 11px;

    original it was width: 545px;


    #content {
    padding: 25px 25px 15px 25px;
    width: 480px;
    background: #ffffff;
    clear: both;
    overflow: hidden;

    instead of width 495

  8. 8. loller Says:

    css template

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