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Today, I’m very happy to announce that i3Theme has gathered over 9,500 downloads ever since it’s first release on 5th May 2007. I have received many reviews and feedbacks about the theme and I’m glad that it has made quite an impact in the blogging arena. Some of them even expressed that because of i3Theme, they are motivated to do more work!

It’s been a difficult time for me, juggling my new business, Exoro, studies as well as giving support for the i3Theme. I’m very thankful for those who have been patient with my slow replies and would like to apologize to those who had urgent requests but I couldn’t attend to them. Nonetheless, it’s all of you who have made i3Theme a great success.

I personally would like to thank the i3Theme donators: staticbrain, The Wood Whisperer and Qikflo. Their contributions have motivated me to continue to provide my best Web Hosting Geekspossible support for i3Theme. In addition, I would like to acknowledge Web Hosting Geeks, for its strong support for the i3Theme as well as the upcoming release. I hope all the i3Theme fans out there can benefit from the great reviews they have for web hostings when you are searching for one to host your wordpress with i3Theme 😉

Besides all the thanking, I would also like to announce the release of the latest i3Theme v1.3. It has been fully tested with the major four browsers as well as the latest wordpress 2.3. It even supports tagging, the latest feature in WordPress 2.3. So go ahead and upgrade your blog to the latest i3Theme with no worries. Feel free to see the changes at the changelog.

Thank you for continuing to support the i3Theme and I look forward to your feedback. If you love the i3Theme and want to contribute to its development, feel free to donate! Thanks a million.

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10 Responses to “i3Theme with over 9,500 downloads and counting…”

  1. 1. mickeyckm Says:

    Hi, that’s the limitation of the category backdrop that the original author used. One way to go around it currently is to reduce the number of categories. Currently, I’m looking into a possible solution.

  2. 2. mickeyckm Says:

    Hi, actually there is another way, all you have to is find the image and extend it. Currently, it’s 1200px.

  3. 3. mickeyckm Says:

    Soulgirl: I may consider but currently, I’m packed with a lot of work. Maybe I’ll free only during November, no promise yet cause end of November is my exam time.

    Devin: Thanks. Glad you like it. 🙂

  4. 4. mickeyckm Says:

    Hi Karen, good to hear from you again. i3Theme is actually a modified version from iTheme and the original iTheme didn’t have it. However, I understand your request. Perhaps, if I can find some time, I will try to find a suitable quote image and insert into it. I’m kinda in a busy week with all the projects submission and preparing for tests as well. So sorry that I can’t attend to your request immediately.

  5. 5. mickeyckm Says:

    youtube: thanks 🙂

    Fernandez: thanks for the suggestion. i will consider that 😉

  6. 6. Soulgirl Says:

    I find that if I click a blog heading that takes me directly to the blog in question, the links above to the previous and forward blogs aren’t correct and don’t represent the blogs they should. Hope I make myself clear.

  7. 7. mickeyckm Says:

    Hi Karen, I have solved the problem and will be available in the next release soon…

  8. 8. Basil Stegio Says:


    Wonderful theme, your customized i3Theme 1.3.1, but it seems that, text 1 does not seem to work in widgets, when I add a text box, everything goes to the bottom and there is no new box, this is with wordpress 2.3.1.

    I don’t know any other way to add a new box to a column.

    I really appreciate the work you have done and I will gladly donate 🙂

    Please let me know how to add a new box in a column.

    Many Thanks

    Basil Stergio

  9. 9. mickeyckm Says:

    Hi Fernando, I have temporary solved that problem in the next release of i3Theme. I will be releasing it in the next few days. This is a problem by the original design of iTheme where the author used a static, fixed length background. If you have an excessive long list, then the problem will occur.

  10. 10. mickeyckm Says:

    Karen: That’s weird. I will check it out in the next two weeks…

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