Sep 19

Just a week ago, I was eyeing on the D-Link 524UP, a 4-ports wireless router with in-built print server 71oHahE46VL._SX425_[1]and I was devastated when they told me on the phone, the product has EOL (End of Life, no longer in production). However, my intuition told me that there should be another similar product out there, so yesterday, my friend and I went over to Sim Lim Square, the computing equipment centre of Singapore where you can get good quality IT products with a bargain.

I went to the first shop and asked the salesman, whether they have any other similar products, wireless router with print server. In my mind, it will be something with a price tag that cost a bomb. To my surprise, his replied was “No”. I asked him, “What about other brand? NetGear, Dlink, Linksys, etc.” The same reply, “No”. Strangely enough, other than Dlink 524UP, nobody has a product like that.

Without giving up, I keep on searching. Finally, I came to a shop and they have one, called Planex IEEE802.11g Wireless MIMO XR Gaming Router. At first, I’m kinda reluctant to get it because I never heard of that brand before. After chatting with the sales guy, he mentioned that it’s a Japanese brand and only recently they open up to the international market. The features on the wireless product is so tempting – USB Device / Printer server, Bittorrent Client, Samba, FTP, MIMO etc. And guess what? It’s on promotion!!! It cost only 30 dollars more than an ordinary wireless router by Dlink. So without much procrastination, I got one home. On my way back, I saw a few shops selling the same product and it cost 50 dollars more, cause it’s NOT under promotions. What a good buy.

When I got back, I setup my wireless network and attached my external HDD, MyBook 500GB. It feels so great having a wireless external harddisk that you can access it from the corner of your bed. I would personally recommend Planex for everyone looking for a good buy on a wireless router.

For more information, check it out on their website. It’s amazing. 3 high gain antenna with 30% discount, I wonder where you can get such a good deal. 5 out of 5 from me 😉

written by mangoorange

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    115 bucks 😉

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