Aug 24

PHPI can’t believed it that I’ve been using extract($_GET) and extract($_POST) where I could just type in extract($_REQUEST). Feel so silly now. Nevertheless, it was cool to learn that it exist. Never to late to learn. 🙂

More information can be found here (that’s where I found what it means):

written by mangoorange

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3 Responses to “$_REQUEST, what a joke!”

  1. 1. mehul Says:

    it is really joke janrally we don’t have $_REQUEST

  2. 2. mehul shah Says:

    i think it is less use against the $_post and $_get method

  3. 3. rfrmdns Says:

    Dont use $_REQUEST, theres no need of it… you always know where your input comes from (cookies, get, post, sessions whatever)… using $_REQUEST just makes your code hard to read and understand! Plus it can potentially be a security risk…

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