Jul 10

First-ever National Youth Entrepreneurship ConferenceCongratulation to the Exoro Team for organising the first-ever National Youth Entrepreneurship Conference in Singapore! It’s been my pleasure working with my teammates, Alvin, Wu Di, Jinyang, Zhang Dan, Hirman and Nat for putting up this wonderful conference for a good cause of promoting entrepreneurship among the youth.

Recently, the Singapore Government have been heavily promoting entrepreneurship by setting up Student Clubs and Societies in various educational institutions. In addition, almost every Government Ministry has set aside funds for startups to grab. We are currently in a situation that, “Too much money around, but too little good ideas to invest in”.

Why the Singapore Government is becoming a “VC” themselves? There aren’t many government in the world doing so. Ain’t VC is a risky industry and those are taxpayers’ money. In fact, it’s part of the survival plan of Singapore with the recent threat from China, Singapore no longer a favourable place for MNC to invest in. When MNC starts to shift their headquarters or production lines over to China, this will create huge unemployment as well as a problem in the economy. Thus, the only rational thing is to homebreed their own local SME into MNC. Companies like OSIM, Creative, Hyflux, 77th Streets, have their roots in Singapore and they will not leave the country like foreign MNC.

We are fortunate to have invited Mr. Ron Sim, CEO and Founder of OSIM International Ltd to share his entrepreneurial experience with us. Indeed, as young as 9 years old, he has demostrated his first sign of becoming an entrepreneur. Not only that, as our conference themed, “The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs“, we have actually invited Mr. Douglas Abrams, Dr. Bernard Leong, Mr. Darius  Cheung (ain’t my brother), Miss Aileen Sim and Miss Lee Min Xuan. Each inviduals have played their own part, in various roles such as VC and entrepreneurs, in the entrepreneurial scene. We hope that through this conference, many of like-minded budding entrepreneurs from various educational institutions can come together and create “The Next Big Thing”.

Lastly, Exoro is proud to be one of the driving companies that helps to fuel the Singapore Government effort in promoting entrepreneurship. My team and I are definitely looking forward for more in the future.

written by mangoorange

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