Jun 29

Adobe Photoshop CS3Have you ever encounter a situation where after you have done with your art work on Photoshop, you tried saving by clicking “Save As” but there isn’t any option for JPEG?

I did and thankfully, I found the answer. Just make sure your file is saved as 8bits/channel under the Image > Mode. Simple. 🙂

written by mangoorange

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68 Responses to “Can’t save as JPEG in Photoshop?”

  1. 1. milkmunkee Says:

    hey, thanks..i had the same problem before and don’t know what to do..i did some research on the net..and found this..again thanks..

  2. 2. Matt Says:

    Thanks for this. stressed me out for a while then as soon as i saw 8bits i knew exactly what to do. I felt so stupid. haha

  3. 3. provvidenza Says:

    Thanks so much I have been having a heck of a time converting my files.

  4. 4. dude Says:

    u also need to make sure that RGB is selected in the MODE settings. I had 8 bits selected but was playing with the colours and forgot to unselect it.


  5. 5. Donna Koenig Says:

    JEPGs email attachments won’t open in Photoshop. I can’t seem to manage the “options folder” in Outbox Express to get JPEGs to open at if they’re sent as mail attachments. Help!

  6. 6. Er Says:

    hey bro… thanks so much…

  7. 7. David Says:

    Hey, thanks. Acctually i’ve been wondering why PS won’t let me save a picture as .jpg file only from yesterday (as I searched dear father Google fist thing today) but you saved me a lot of time.

    Thanks again.

  8. 8. jeesus69 Says:

    Thanks bro, was almost starting to pull my hair out.

  9. 9. mickeyckm Says:

    No problem. 🙂 Glad it helps so many out there.

  10. 10. talia Says:

    thanks a million this was driving me crazy for 2 days!!

  11. 11. Marius Says:

    Uhm… This is something that drives me crazy to but here it IS 8bits/channel but I can still not save it as an .jpg file…
    What do you say now smart guy?

  12. 12. Gem Says:

    Thanks this helped me loads =D

  13. 13. cynthia Says:

    didn’t work for me…oh well…only GIF …. that ‘s the only bucket.

  14. 14. Erin Says:

    Thank you, God! Trying to put together my portfolio and was not able to save it correctly!!

  15. 15. Jeff Says:

    Thanks for the posting. Works great!

    For those of you still having problems, you have to make certain that it’s a flat image and it’s been rastersized.

  16. 16. maria Says:

    i have a flattened rasterized layer in 8bit/channel and in RGB and it STILL won’t save in jpeg OR psd. help??

  17. 17. mickeyckm Says:

    maybe you should share the PSD link…

  18. 18. maria Says:

    what do you mean?

  19. 19. nazzwinn Says:

    You’re a lifesaver! That was driving me crazy!


  20. 20. Rebecca Says:

    I made sure that was how I was saving it…
    But it still wont save as a jpg.

  21. 21. Asad Says:

    thanks alot

  22. 22. laurens Says:

    Thank you, you just saved me fixing my furniture and walls

  23. 23. Melanie Says:

    YEAH! That is awesome. I have tried all different things for 2 days now and finally this helped me. Thanks. I don’t know why they give you other options then? Do you know what the bit means? Will it give me poor quality printing now going to the 8bit/channel?

  24. 24. polarbear Says:

    You need to replace your jpeg file extension plugin for photoshop. Some times the plugin for it get corrupted and malfunctions. Im not sure where to find it, been a while since i had the problem myself. Do a google search for photoshop cs3 jpeg plugin should be able to find it

  25. 25. al Says:

    thanks I couldn’t figure out why sometimes I couldn’t save in jpeg and other times i coul

  26. 26. aljammin Says:

    you’re a lifesaver. thanks a million!!

  27. 27. Spiderman Says:

    You are amazing 🙂

  28. 28. Bettine Says:

    thanks soooooooo much! I stuggled for so long and finally i check the internet..

  29. 29. mohitx Says:

    thanks very much!

  30. 30. subdriver Says:

    Not just 8 bits per channel…You must also have RGB or CMYK selected under Image >Mode. (for example “Indexed Color won’t work even if 8 bits selected)


  31. 31. thomashambusch Says:

    thanks alot!
    i was hopeless when i found out that i cannot save my picture as jpeg(nearly crying)haha!
    but now u saved my life.

  32. 32. Mak Says:

    Hey thx a lot, u save my a**!!!!

  33. 33. wendy Says:

    why didn’t i pop on here sooner!!!
    thx for saving my sanity

  34. 34. Anthony Says:

    Thanks, I want to repeat what wendy said, you saved me some sanity…
    thanks again.

  35. 35. Neil Says:

    2 hrs later . . . Thanks.

  36. 36. chalaina Says:

    I am so glad I came here!!! I was freaking out about a late college project (jpeg only) thanks!!

  37. 37. Kimberly Says:

    Thanks so much!!!

  38. 38. becky Says:

    Thank you! Finally, it worked!

  39. 39. iva Says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  40. 40. namita Says:

    holy mother of god!!! thank you so much….

  41. 41. Jo Says:


  42. 42. Joshua Says:


  43. 43. P.ST. Says:

    WOW!!! Thank you so much, I was getting so mad and now it’s better 😉

  44. 44. tom_Australia Says:

    Thanks alot it’s taking me for all night tried to save my image in JPAG one again thanksss Uhmmmmmm ilove you. @}—‘—,—-

  45. 45. Mike Says:

    haha wow. It seems so simple! Thanks so much.

  46. 46. Shirley Says:

    It didn’t work for me. Mine is set at 8 bit.
    Mine will do it, it’s just slow going when I do “save as” It takes forever to go to the folder.

  47. 47. Emma Says:

    this thingy is fricken stupid!! I hate it i would rather suck my bros dick!!

    Fuck u asses

  48. 48. Chantel Says:

    Thank you so much!

  49. 49. bhe Says:

    the answer was not quite complete..it must be set to RGB color..(^^,)

  50. 50. Nava Says:

    Thanks Man.

  51. 51. Jake Says:

    thank god,, I was about to shoot my self in the head! XD

  52. 52. Numa2000 Says:

    I LOVE YOU !!!!!

  53. 53. Random Guy Says:

    I was about to though my computer down the six story window… thank you 😀

  54. 54. mkiicjc Says:

    I were loosin it till i saw this. tyvm!!!!

  55. 55. Susan Says:

    Turns out I had switched to “Lab Color” problem corrected itself when I reverted to RGB color ((Image>Mode)

  56. 56. Brown Says:

    omg…thank you, i love you!

  57. 57. John P Says:

    In Photoshop when I try to save as a jpeg the Hand tool gets selected and I can’t do anything until I hit escape. When I do this The selected tool returns to the tool that was previously selected whatever that happens to be.

    I have tried everything mentioned prior to this except the one about replacing jpeg file extension plugin which I could not find

    Mac G5 Photoshop CS2

  58. 58. Jos Says:

    mangoorange thank you so much. I thought i was crazy.

  59. 59. Aubrey Says:

    Found this quite helpful. Thank you for posting on this noobie glitch. 🙂

  60. 60. Matt Says:

    yeah, what they all said!

  61. 61. matt Says:

    THANK YOU!! i thought i was blind or something!

  62. 62. Eric Martineau Says:

    Thanks!!!! Lol, I was really going insane, this had never happened to me. 😛

  63. 63. Mixy Says:

    …you’re great! I can’t believe that I spent so much time wondering why is that.

  64. 64. Raj Says:


    Image > Mode > 8bits/channel is grayed out… so unable to click…

    Now what?!?!?!


  65. 65. Joel Balin Says:

    Thank you. Thank You. I thought I was going nuts, but I had merely changed my file to 16 bit.

  66. 66. jbAZ Says:

    thanks bro

  67. 67. David Says:

    Hey! Thanks a lot! I spent hours on this project and almost paniced when I couldn’t find the option. Thanks again!

  68. 68. sharrin Says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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