Jun 19

Needless to say, WordPress rocks! It has gotten the most votes and winner in the publishing category.464373005_c64f451b32[1] Good Job.

There are other great applications out there as well. Webware 100 awards helps me to identify some applications I didn’t know are worthwhile taking a look. Did you guys know all of them?

Here’s the link to the list of them. Not-so-surprisingly, Google has it’s application in 8 out of 10 awads category and bagged a total of 12 awards for all it’s services. As expected 🙂

written by mangoorange

Best Wordpress Hosting Providers - 2014

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#1 - Bluehost 
Bluehost Review
#2 - iPage 
iPage Review
#3 - HostMetro 
HostMetro Review

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