Jun 17

Spock Invites to GiveawaysHave you heard of lately that people are coming out with various “People Search Engine” where results are filtered collectively by humans. Spock is one of them. Currently they are in close beta and only by invitation that you can give that cool stuff a try.

Here’s a Techcrunch review on Spock 2 months ago.

I have 3 Spock‘s invites to giveaway. Share with me your thoughts about “People Search Engine” and I’ll give the invites away to the first 3 interesting thoughts. Hurry up… While stock last 😉

written by mangoorange

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9 Responses to “3 Spock Invites to giveaways”

  1. 1. Don Says:

    I want it, I want it, and I want it!

  2. 2. Matthew Says:

    Interesting thoughts, eh? I’ll give it a shot. Well, I find it exciting how now in the age of the beta (that the web seems to currently be in); beta this and beta that. The web is currently in what I’d consider to be an experimental change. It’s where webmasters and developers finally feel free to test out their ventures and ideas and just throw it out there. In the internet’s infancy, people were very excited about the potential it would promise but were reluctant and nervous. People are now more open and there is alot more freedom and development going on; consider TLDs alone with the .tv (multimedia and video) and .mobi (evergrowing mobile entertainment realm).

    Now, we’re beginning to see the internet becoming an accepted social platform for more than just the business email or the sending your family some pictures you took on vacation. We’re seeing social networking grow in a fashion that hasn’t been seen before; the network is as vast as the internet itself. Social bookmarking (such as Digg), social networks (such as Myspace) are part of this revolutionary movement for this social platform.

    We’re seeing people powered search engines (Chacha.com) that assists users in their web searches. We’re seeing a for the people, by the people approach to the internet. A friendlier internet where we can form relationships with people who are affable and have the desire to connect with others.

    Spock is an interesting example and will definitely be considered later as a marker of this revolutionary movement. From the website: [spock is] “building the broadest and deepest people specific search engine.” This supports it exactly; we’re in the midst building a social internet. Eventually, services like this will be the building blocks that come together to create a global community… we’re beyond Instant Messaging and email now.

  3. 3. mickeyckm Says:

    Matthew: I concur. Good job! I have sent ya an email for the invitation. Hope to hear your review again after using Spock.

    Don and stevelichen: I would love to give it to you but I think it’s not fair to Matthew who has given so much thought about it. Share your thoughts on this and I’ll give it to ya. 🙂

  4. 4. mickeyckm Says:

    Ryan: Hi Ryan, I didn’t know that myself. Anyway, I’m just offering to those who wants it and I’m encouraging everyone to share their thoughts on this topic. 🙂 Since you mentioned it, then I hope everyone can go and sign up from the site.

  5. 5. mickeyckm Says:

    stevenlichen: Thanks for the replies. It’s kinda scary such website reveals personal information to others. One invite for ya. That’s left with the last one. Any takers?

  6. 6. Matthew Says:

    Hm, well. I just joined. I didn’t exactly know what to expect (despite doing some research of my own). Punching in names of family members and friends, I learned it does have a limited database but for others it has alot of the kind of information I would be able to find on my own. I do consider myself to be really good at research; finding ages and information is in the public realm of knowledge and its only the “right” search away. I’ve helped many of my family members with such research as I have exceled and become so good at it. This I attribute to using computers for as long as I have and practice and a good understanding of search engines and research itself. This seems to be a way to organize the people search into one using a database that is indexed from a robot. The people factor comes in when anyone can add details to others should they choose, perhaps information that person does not want known as “tags” that are voted on. This site is very close in comparision to a site I’ve used in the past, https://www.zoominfo.com/, however isn’t in beta and doesn’t introduce the social networking aspect to it.

    Privacy fanatics will go nuts about a database that anyone can come along, take a sticky note and write something about them. Do we want a searchable database of people that is more… easily accessed? All of the information here can be found via popular search engines such as Google with effort (depending on the skill of the searcher). This just makes a simpler way of doing it. Type in a name. Bam. Great for biographies, writing papers and the like… maybe even finding people you know and want to contact or learn about. But, beyond that…. what is it?

  7. 7. Matthew Says:

    Thanks again for the invite though. I’m sure I’ll be able to use this service.

  8. 8. mickeyckm Says:

    Jessica: Thanks for sharing your invites here. I guess nobody else will feedback since there is such huge supply.

    Matthew and stevenlichen: Nevertheless, I appreciate you guys’ inputs. Love to hear your views.

  9. 9. Matthew Says:

    I was just putting some food for thought out there. I actually really like the idea of the service.. I just wanted to give a review that looked at different sides of the issue. It holds potential, I just don’t know what direction Spock is going to go with the information it provides for users a search away.

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