May 08

I’ll keep this short and sweet. Firstly, I would like to apologize for my mistakes of accidentally remove the widget support.

Now, it’s back with the same i3Theme layout but added widgets support. If you felt that you didn’t use widgets at all, you need not require to upgrade to version 1.1. So for those who waiting for it, here it is.

i3Theme Widgetized Mini

Just one last thing, the WordPress Widget by Automattic comes with Recent Post and Comments.For those who wants that feature by minus the hassle, consider getting the Widget and i3Theme 😉 For more details, continue reading.

The license for i3Theme is directly taken from the original designer of iTheme with slight modification. Below is the license of i3Theme.

By downloading and using the i3Theme theme, you agree to the following terms:

  • You may NOT resell this theme
  • A link back to N.Design Studio and MangoOrange must be retained in the footer (either modified or unmodified)
  • You may use this theme for personal or commercial projects
  • You may modify, translate or distribute


Installation Guide and Support
If you are looking installation guide and support, it can be found here.

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written by mangoorange

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4 Responses to “i3Theme Widgetized”

  1. 1. andres Says:

    thank u so much again, i really aprecciate that.
    see u soon.

  2. 2. mickeyckm Says:

    Bulent: Sorry for the late reply. I was down with fever and flu. With regards to the next and previous problem, I have checked that it is fine on my localhost copy.

    For the main column at the side and the two left and right bar, not a big problem. The hack is very simple. Can I give you an answer, once I’m a little better.

    Been sick for the past few days. Sorry.

  3. 3. mickeyckm Says:

    Fred: Hi, I hope you did find the solutions to the problem. Sorry for the late reply. It would be a great help if you can show me the URL of the page that instruct on how to insert the code to enable the Digg feature.

    Steven Wolf: Hi Steven, it shouldn’t have the problem. Did you download the correct version?

    Inga Oz: I can look into that. Thanks for suggesting.

  4. 4. mickeyckm Says:

    ayashi: if you need to do that, try this code 🙂 It works for me. Technorati needs PHP evaluation on the widget block,

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