May 06

2 days ago, Andre Path requested my help to modify the current iTheme to a 3-columns iTheme. He mentioned that he tried tweaking the XHTML and CSS but it didn’t work.

So, I took up the challenge and tweaked for almost an hour. The difficulties lies in the undocumented javascript used for the drag-and-drop feature. Nonetheless, I manage to overcome it. As a result, the 3-columns iTheme is here.

Click on below for a higher resolution (1280x800px):


I called it i3Theme to maintain the originality yet distinguishable and stylish. Hope you guys like it and find it useful as well.

Official Page:
Please visit this page for more updates and downloads for the i3Theme. Thanks.

Check it out at

The license for i3Theme is directly taken from the original designer of iTheme with slight modification. Below is the license of i3Theme.

By downloading and using the i3Theme theme, you agree to the following terms:

  • You may NOT resell this theme
  • A link back to N.Design Studio and MangoOrange must be retained in the footer (either modified or unmodified)
  • You may use this theme for personal or commercial projects
  • You may modify, translate or distribute



Installation Guide, Upgrade and Support
If you are looking installation guide and support, it can be found here.

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written by mangoorange

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12 Responses to “iTheme has been columnized!”

  1. 1. mickeyckm Says:

    stevenlichen: The alignment for the title is according to the original measurement. I think you meant that bright area is not wide enough to cover the title. However, I worried that when it’s too right, then there is a lot of empty space making it uneven.

    With regards to the “Recent Comments” & “Recent Articles”, it’s a good suggestion. I will take that into consideration and work on it when I have time. Meantime, I hope you enjoy this one. 🙂

    Juanjo Vargas: Thanks. 🙂

  2. 2. Andre Path Says:

    Wow, a piece of art!
    First of all, thank u so much for hearing my comment and thank u so much for help me this time.
    Sorry for my english, it`s not my native language u know, and can`t found the words to say thank u in another way than the original way.

  3. 3. mickeyckm Says:

    Andre Path: No problem. Hope you like it and find it useful. It will be good if you can share with me how you use the template. Would love to see it put into use.

  4. 4. Andre Path Says:

    ok, no problem, did u mean: the way i`m gonna use the itheme ? or the look of my site?, i`m still work it on it, i planned add flash banners and a cartoon of myself, and rss widgets too.

    well i have to go for now, but hope keep the contact, i really hope that.

    bye bye.. and thank u again

  5. 5. mickeyckm Says:

    S. Costa: I realised your problem and I think it’s the same for many of the wordpress themes because of the change in the structure in WordPress 2.0, hence I wrote a short tutorial for you and the rest who have the same problem.

  6. 6. mickeyckm Says:

    Michael: I hope you gotten the latest version if you want to use the Widget plugins, else, you can stick to version 1.0. Just a note and great to hear that you love the theme.

  7. 7. dimitris_s Says:

    Is there a possibility that you can port this theme into Drupal ? I mean with 3 columns.. I’ m sure that drupal community will be more than happy.. I would be very thankful… please do something… there is a huge lack of nice themes in drupal…

  8. 8. bobo Says:

    link is dead, pls update it

  9. 9. mickeyckm Says:

    bobo: It was fixed.

  10. 10. Nandx Says:

    Hi! I have noticed that in your theme the subnav of the original itheme it’s not showed. I refer to this. How can I fix it?

  11. 11. Nandx Says:

    Ok, I have changed to wordpress 2.2. But I continue having the same problem :S . I think that I have installed something badly, but thank you anyhow.

  12. 12. mickeyckm Says:

    Nandx: So sorry about the solution. There is something wrong with it due to the Widget plugin nature. I found the exact solution to it. I will be releasing the next version shortly. You download that and you will get it going 🙂 Thanks for using i3Theme.